Secret Doors: Ideas to Camouflage Them

Secret doors are great for the home

We have seen them in the cinema; the secret doors They have managed to hide rooms in which crimes have been committed or grand plans orchestrated. The library has historically been the favorite place to locate them, however it would be absurd to think that only in this room and through a library we can hide a door. There are many other rooms in which we can place secret doors and many other possibilities to hide them.

Today, secret doors more often hide pantries, offices, bathrooms and dressing rooms; secondary rooms or those accessed through a main room such as the kitchen, living room or bedroom. They use paneled walls, cabinets and other tricks to stay hidden or semi-concealed. Do you want to know them? At Decoora we show them to you.

Doors "get in the way" often. When they meet in the middle of a wall, aesthetically break its design in two. We can choose to respect its space or, as in the examples that we show you today, incorporate it into the design so that it remains. How? Using one of the many proposals that the market offers us. The one that best responds to our tastes and respects our budget.

It is important to choose the color of the secret doors

Use the same material or color as the wall

On a paneled wall it's really easy to camouflage a door. The use of the same material will make its limits hidden. The wood that covers the walls of the contemporary dining room in the second image is a clear example of what we can achieve by betting on a uniform finish.

A finish that you can also achieve through color. Well painting wall and door the same color, well creating motifs that blur the boundaries between door and wall, a current trend in contemporary spaces. In both cases, don't forget to also paint hardware and knobs! Only then will you be able to fool the eye.

Play with the moldings

If you have chosen to use the same color on walls and doors, the moldings can help you reinforce that chromatic continuity through horizontal lines and / or repeating patterns. In addition, and unlike the previously mentioned minimalist style options, the moldings will bring a classic and elegant style to your bedroom or living room. A great option to consider, although somewhat more laborious.

Secret doors are an indispensable element in the home

Do you want to recreate something similar in your home? Choose the wall you want to highlight and fine wood moldings. Make a plan, a design and transfer it to the wall with a pencil. Then cut all the slats to size and glue them to the wall. Once dry there will only be paint the entire wall in the same color, including the door. The goal is that the moldings make the wall more attractive and that those who enter the room direct their eyes to it. However, you should not stop your gaze on these, which is why our recommendation is to paint them the same color so that they do not stand out especially.

Wallpaper the wall

Patterned wallpaper can also serve as a tool to camouflage secret doors. Look at the bedrooms in the image; the wallpaper is square in such a way which being the closed door, Results faint. You can use wallpapered panels matching the width of the door to create one or more secret doors leading to the bathroom and dressing room.

Doors can be hidden with wallpaper

Do you have skirting boards in the room? Do you want to only wallpaper half walls? Remember to replicate the same details that you have on the wall at the door. It incorporates a skirting board equal to the one in the room in the lower part of the door in the first case and use the same paint and give continuity to the moldings, if any, in the second.

Camouflage them on a closet wall

Our walls with floor to ceiling cabinets They can also help us hide a door. This type of work is usually found in spaces where storage is essential. This is the case in the kitchen and in passageways such as corridors. In them we can create secret doors with access to the pantry or a small toilet.

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Choose the secret doors for your closets

In this type of wall with cabinets, hiding a door is very simple, since this will not be the only element that breaks continuity. To achieve a perfect camouflage, however, you should pay attention not only that the finish is the same, but also that which handles and knobs keep the same aesthetic.

Dare with dual function doors

We go back to the beginning, to those bookcases that opened giving way to a secret room. Because a bookcase is still a great way to camouflage a door. Who is going to think nowadays that behind this bookcase in the hall where you keep your favorite volumes there is something else?

Not only is it a fun idea, it is also practical. If you don't know where to put a small bookcase in your room, this may be a good idea. Of course, you will have to keep in mind that the door will now have to bear more weight, so it may be necessary to change frames and hardware.

Secret doors can be hidden with bookcases

Do you like the idea of ​​secret doors? If you have analyzed all the possibilities with us you will have realized that there are actions that will help you, choose, the option you choose, so that your secret door is for real:

  1. Give up frames of the door to achieve continuous surfaces.
  2. Choose discreet shooters or of the same material and color as the door itself.
  3. Replicate the details of the wall such as baseboards and moldings on the door so as not to draw attention to it.

Does it bother you that doors break the aesthetics of a room? Or do you just see in these ideas an original way to transform the style of your home?

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  1.   yesy said

    I would like if you could give me more ideas to camouflage doors, that are not things that are very difficult to find or do, ideas especially for a living room, because my house has almost all the doors wrongly located and I don't know what to do with them, but it is for rent and I would like imaginative but easy things!
    Thank you very much.

  2.   Juan Antonio said

    Hello, good afternoon.
    I also have a question about my situation. My kitchen has 2 entrances. One next to the entrance of the house and the other gives access to the living room. This last door is a bit annoying (although it is usually used to make a natural draft and remove the smoke when cooking in an interior patio) since it remains a quite attractive corner for a better use. I would like, like Yesy, to have ideas to camouflage misplaced doors in a living room with a kitchen instead of opting to cancel the mentioned access. Thank you.