Secrets for a good decoration

Summer bedroom

To have a good decoration in your home, the first thing that you should take into account before anything else is undoubtedly your personal tastes. Because no matter how beautiful a decoration or a decorative style is, if you don't like it… you don't like it! And there's not much else to do about it That is why your interests and tastes will be the first thing you should think about when it comes to a good decoration.

Once you have this clear, then it is good that you think of other tips that can help you get the most out of each of your stays. It is not necessary that you have to contact a professional to tell you what to do and how, with some keys and with your personal criteria, you will surely be able to achieve good results. Do not miss the following tips that will help you get started to get a good decoration in your home.

Good lighting

It is necessary that so that you can enhance the good decoration in each of the rooms of your home, you must take into account that there must be good lighting (regardless of how each of the rooms is). Ideally, the natural light that the day offers us floods every corner of your house, but it will depend on the architectural characteristics that you can opt for one lighting or another.

If you cannot have a lot of natural lighting, the ideal is to enhance the artificial light with light fixtures on the ceiling or with floor lamps in strategic points to increase the practical light and that is also adequate so that your decoration remains attractive. Both natural and artificial light are essential so that your rooms feel warmer and you can have a decoration in conditions.


A bigger bed

When you are decorating a small room, you can make the mistake of thinking that having everything smaller will make your room seem bigger ... and nothing could be further from the truth! If you have a small bed, a small closet, a small table, the room will seem even smaller! So focus on enjoying a bigger bed in your bedroom without thinking so much about the size of the room. Of course, make sure that it fits with their measurements and do not choose a bed that occupies half the room, because then you would only have a bedroom that is too uncomfortable.

Decorate the home with spring textiles

Enjoy the dark

A fairly common mistake is to think that dark walls will always make rooms seem smaller than they really are, when they can have the opposite effect perfectly. If you have a large, well-lit room, then dark colors don't have to be a problem at all. If you have a small room but you like dark colors, then you can add them to the decoration to a lesser extent, for example with an accent wall or with other decorative elements or textiles. You decide! Remember that if you like colors like white or pastel, of course you can use them, but it will always depend on your personal tastes whether you can find the perfect combination. 

Decorate a bedroom with dark walls

Mix of decorative styles

There are people who want to focus on only one decorative style to decorate their homes, but actually they like more than one ... if you like more than one decorative style, what should you do? Enjoy those styles! You can choose two styles that you like and combine them in the same room to enjoy them. But they should be decorative styles that integrate well with each other. For example, the modern style can fit very well with Zen, and the classic style with the rustic. On the other hand, a traditional style is difficult to fit with a more minimalist style, but you can, for example, have a traditional style and incorporate some minimalist elements that you like to give a more alternative touch.


It is a good idea to mix styles especially if you want to create a more modern and elegant room while maintaining a cozy atmosphere. Try adding vintage and classic touches for modern and minimalist decorations, and you will have a good example of a combination of styles.

Large bedroom lamps

Many people think that bedroom lamps have to take up little space and be small so that they do not cause overload in the bedroom, but you can really achieve a good decoration by thinking differently. Giving the bedroom a more important and stately appearance is to do it with a more imposing appearance and also, maintaining the cozy atmosphere that characterizes it. To achieve this, you need to use large lamps on the bedside tables.. These lamps will have a dramatic effect and create a much more romantic atmosphere.

The color gold

The color gold is in fashion and is increasingly being worn in all the rooms of many homes. It is a majestic color that will always bring elegance wherever it is located. That is why gold is still very popular. You can add the color gold in accent elements in your living room, in the hall, in your bedroom ... Wherever you want! Because it will add that little missing spark. No matter the decorative style you have in the rooms, the gold color will fit perfectly if you combine it with other related colors like white, black, silver ...

Decorate the home with plants

That plants are not lacking

Plants are essential for the good decoration of your home. A large room can have empty corners, and a good way to fill that space is with a large plant with a nice (and large) pot. The plants soften the decoration and also offer a refreshing sensation. They are also very versatile and can look good in any type of decoration.

If you don't have time to take care of natural plants, you will always have the option of decorating your home with artificial plants. Although the benefits are not the same because it will not clean the environment, visually they can be very attractive, it is worth it!

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