Security systems that go unnoticed in the decoration of your home

Security systems that go unnoticed in the decoration of your home

Decorating a house and having it as we have always imagined can be a complicated and sometimes daunting task. while we decorate we cannot forget about some important household issues, as is the case with security.

In this sense, we can find elements such as cameras, home automation or alarms that will protect us, but they are not easy to place so that they integrate with the decoration. If you need help with this, we encourage you to keep reading.

How to integrate alarms and security cameras with the decoration of your home? basic tips

Security cameras are one of the most used methods to prevent theft from occurring in our homes or businesses. They are also used to locate a posteriori, to those responsible for possible thefts.

living room security camera

The evolution of technologies now allows High-quality video can be recorded and broadcast in real time to view it from any device. In addition, they have many functions and features to be able to adapt them to what we need. Here are 3 tips that allow us to integrate them with the decoration, so that they go unnoticed.

Camouflage it as if it were another decorative element

There are many ideas that can help us to camouflage the camera, without ever hiding its objective.

We can use the book shelves to place it between them.

  • If we have a simple decoration, we can always use objects such as flower vases or ceramics to place it.
  • Lamps can be a very practical option. Because they are at a certain height, from there they will offer a better image of the environment, as well as being easy to hide.
  • The shape of the cameras or alarms can also help us with their camouflage. It is possible to find a long series of home alarms They are designed to be easily hidden.

The only thing you will have to worry about is how to install it so that the power cable reaches the camera so that it can work.

Take advantage of the corners

Corners are often the big wasted spaces in any environment. From the corners it is also possible to have a good view of the entire environment (especially if we have invested in a 360º camera).

They are very interesting for those homes where the walls are high, as they will go unnoticed. It is undeniable that they are going to see each other, but it will be a element that will not be as jarring as placing the camera in the middle of the room, For example.

Place it in spaces with many elements

Decorating experts recommend highly decorated spaces to install a security camera. As there is so much disparity of objects, one more will not affect the decoration much. Also, unless we look specifically at them, recognizing the camera will not be easy. Any intruder who gains access to the home you won't have time to look at the camera, so it will end up recording you. However, it does not work as a deterrent.

Important: Regardless of which option we are going to choose, we should find an intermediate point between achieving a good recording perspective and that it may go unnoticed during a first review.

How to integrate alarms outside our house?

In addition to making sure that the camera is resistant to outdoor conditions (such as wind, rain, humidity or high temperatures), it will also be necessary to determine how they can be integrated to fit the surrounding decor and, in a certain sense, that they go unnoticed. Here are some tips that can work for us.

Use the vegetation

Vegetation provides good cover for the camera. The best of all is that this idea admits a long series of possibilities. In the event that we put a little creativity, we can do anything.

use a tree

In the event that we have a tree, or we have the possibility of planting it, it would also be a good option.

tree security camera

However, depending on the species chosen, it is possible that it is necessary to give it some care or others, although the trees are not usually complicated to care for. The most advisable thing would be to use evergreen trees because, otherwise, they would not serve to cover the camera or alarm when winter comes.

Use a vine

Vines are a very practical type of decoration that It allows to decorate the facade of the home, at the same time that it will hide the camera. But, in addition, it also has other interesting advantages for the home: for example, it protects from the sun's rays and the wind, acting as natural regulators of the elements in the environment.

With these 6 tips you will have it easier when it comes to integrating cameras or alarms with the decoration of the environment. Just choose a model that suits your needs and can be integrated more easily.

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