Shelves or niches for your bathroom

Work niches look great at home

There are elements that are essential in a bathroom. In the shower or bath, for example, it is always convenient to have a shelf in which to organize the different hygiene products that we use daily when we shower or bathe. That being the case, why not foresee it and incorporate this element in the work?

Once the bathroom is furnished, one always looks for accessories that help to achieve a more practical and functional space. However, these do not always meet our aesthetic demands. The construction shelves, generally tiled with the same material as the wall, solve this problem, although the so-called niches of work. We tell you its advantages!

How many times have you walked through the bathroom section of a large area looking for accessories that allow you to organize the gel, shampoo and sponge in the shower? If you have done it, you will have verified that there is very little variety in its design, which determines the general bathroom aesthetics. That's why since Decoora We encourage you to integrate these essential elements on site, making them part of the design.

You can have work niches at home

Shelves or niches?

If you have decided to incorporate these elements on site, the first step is choose between shelves and niches. Both will allow you to place your hygiene products in the shower but with clear practical and aesthetic differences that you probably have not considered and yet make a difference.

Shelves, generally tiled with the same material as the walls, are the simplest solution, but are they the most practical solution? They have a disadvantage compared to niches; the possibility of hitting you with them. In a small shower you always end up hitting the shelves you fix to the wall when you raise your arms to wash your hair or turn to get out of the shower. Why would there be different work shelves?

Work niches are useful for storing things

Niches or niches do not have this drawback. They do not protrude from the wall like the shelves, but just the opposite. The niches are built into the wall providing us with a great storage solution. The size and design of the same, in addition, can be adapted when preparing the design to our needs, one less problem!

As for the price, it will be similar if we are faced with a blank bathroom. To place the niches, it is generally used, an open hole in the septum and unused between two posts. Today there are also easy-to-install sets, so this will not be what raises the price of your home.

Advantages of construction niches

Niches are an alternative to hanging shelves in bathrooms. A practical as well as decorative resource to organize bathroom fixtures that stands out for being totally embedded in the partition of the shower or bathtub. This is undoubtedly its greatest advantage, although not the only one:

  • They are totally recessed in the septum and do not protrude.
  • They avoid having to place removable trays or shelves, gaining useful space to shower or bathe.
  • They visually make the shower and bathtub appear more spacious.
  • They allow you to play aesthetically with shapes and colors to achieve that style you crave for your bathroom. The composition options are endless.
  • They are very easy to clean; much easier than other accessories that you can incorporate to leave your toiletries.

Location and layout

Choosing the right location for the niche is essential to gain functionality in the bathroom. In the shower, mainly, they are used to place hygiene products, so choosing a place close enough to the faucet but with the necessary separation so that its use is practical is key.

The work niches are highly decorative artificial elements

If you have a large shower space, you could also use the niches to stack towels that you are going to use in your next bathroom. You must make sure, in this case, that they are on the wall furthest from the faucet and of course, they do not have contact with water.

The shape

As for its shape, the ideal in the shower is to bet on square designs. One, two, three and up to four holes that form a kind of hive will add functionality and style to your shower. Having several holes, in addition, can become a great strategy in shared bathrooms so that everyone has their own space.

The work niches are very nice

In a bathtub, in the same niche as the toiletries, you might also want to incorporate some candles or scent diffusers to make the experience of taking a bath even more pleasant. In these cases, rectangular niches are the most practical solution. Those with an elongated design look great over the bathtub. What if you also integrate a soft light in the niche to make your baths more relaxing? You won't want to go out!

Material and color

The work niches can be integrated into the design of the shower or bathtub using the same material as that used in the wall. This strategy is always successful in minimalist style spaces, but also in those in which you want to give prominence to tiling. Especially when it is striking, niches that go unnoticed will help to visually lighten the space.

The work niches are ideal for a small home

But we will not always want work niches to go unnoticed. And when that happens, play with different materials, textures and / or colors will undoubtedly help them stand out. Another easy way to achieve the same effect is to add a frame. Don't you like the warmth provided by the wooden frame of the image that precedes this paragraph?

Do you like work niches? You should know that, in addition to using them in the shower, they can be useful outside of it, in the bathroom, to store towels, and even in other rooms of the house such as the kitchen or the study.

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