Small interior courtyards: source of light

Interior patios

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. inner courtyards they are much more than a meeting and/or relaxation space. They can become an important source of light. A system of galleries will fill the rooms with access to it with more light and, at the same time, bring the exterior closer to the interior of our home.

For take advantage of natural light it is not necessary to have a large patio; the proof is in the selection of images that we show you today. A small closed gallery or an open patio is enough to gain spaciousness and luminosity. If we decorate it properly, it will also provide us with a great space in which to relax.

What are inner courtyards

Small interior patios are not especially designed to be a gathering space. They are patios focused mainly on lighting our home. Catching natural light from the outside and distributing it to the adjoining rooms is its main mission. For this it is important to have a gallery system and/or large windows. So, we can define them as an area or areas that are uncovered and that at the same time are delimited thanks to windows. They are ideal because one of their main functions is to give more beauty and light to the entire environment. Without a doubt, we will ensure that no corner is left unlit.

Light bulbs in patios

What types of patios are there?

  • Sure, we can talk about courtyards of lights, which are usually also neighbors, so they are inside a community building.
  • But if we refer to single-family homes, then we will stay with the option of front yards. These are focused on light entering the most common rooms. One of the best options to beautify the property but also to get the most out of it.
  • Do you know the English patio? Well, this one is similar to the front one due to its function, but it is located on a lower floor. Of course, this depends on the houses and their provisions. It is a semi-buried place, yes, but a great option for homes in buildings that are also on the lower floors and do not want to be left without their lighting.
  • While the central patios They are highly demanded in the most current and modular type homes. We can say of them that they are a kind of wide corridors through the middle of the house in question and that in addition to giving it space, it also allows you to enjoy more light.

Galleries inside houses

These types of patios are usually placed in the center of the floor to serve more rooms.. These are distributed around it and are separated from the patio through galleries or large windows that allow access. At all times we talk about the light that can enter thanks to each type of patio. But we cannot forget that they also serve as ventilation. This means that the quality of the environment is improved by leaps and bounds, which translates into greater energy savings as well.

Advantages of having small interior patios

A small patio allows us to bring the exterior closer to the interior of our home. Decorating it with trees or plants is usual in order to create a natural environment that brings freshness to the rooms. Also, for the same reason, it is common to place fountains or pools. These they are especially interesting in places where high temperatures are frequent and rainfall is "non-existent".

patios with glass

So one of the great advantages will be having good ventilation, as we have mentioned. It is a perfect way to regulate the temperature whenever we need it. What about the communication between spaces? Another advantage is this, because everything will be more and better communicated in your home. Last but not least, you will have direct contact with nature. You can enjoy the outdoors even in winter. Therefore, whichever way you look at it, they always have numerous benefits. If we can also include a hammock, a small table and a chair to have a coffee and relax, better than better. Don't you think?

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