Step by step to change the tape of a blind


The blind not only prevents the passage of light when it also helps to maintain an optimum interior temperature, something essential both in very hot summers and in very cold winters. It is a basic element in our homes and of great durability, that is why we do not always know how to change the tape of a blind

The blind is not an element that we have to change at home frequently. Neither is the tape but it is one of the elements of the blind that more quickly can deteriorate due to misuse. And when that happens, you have to remove the damaged tape and replace it with a new one with the same characteristics. How? If it is a roller shutter, following our step by step.

Before starting…

Not all blinds are the same, nor are all tapes. There are different types of blind tapes, so the first thing you will have to do is measure the one that is now deteriorated to buy one of the same features.

shutter tape

Schellenberg blind tape

  • Width. The normal thing is that the tapes have a width between 14 and 22 millimeters. Make sure you measure yours well to buy one that is suitable for the operation of your blind.
  • Length. To calculate the necessary length, simply multiply the height of the window by 2,5. This will give you an approximate idea of ​​which roll you should buy without having to disassemble the blind, since there are from 6 to 50 meters.

Now that you know which tape to buy, you can go to your trusted hardware store to do it. You could also buy a large DIY store: Leroy Merlin, Bricomart, … and of course on Amazon with just one click and without leaving home. For a normal window, the tape or strap should not cost you more than €6.

Change the tape of the blind

Now that you have the new tape at home, it's time to change the old one. Don't know how to do it? Don't worry, we have prepared a simple but complete step by step that we hope can guide you to change the blind tape without major problems.

Access the drawer

The first thing you will have to do is access the axis of the blind in the drawer. To do this, if the shutter is relatively new, you probably have to unscrew a couple of screws. If it is very old, on the other hand, it could be subject to pressure so you would have to use force with a flat screwdriver in lever mode.

remove the old tape

In order to remove the old tape, the ideal is to raise the blind so that all the tape is collected in the box. Once done, hold it with the clamps or immobilize the pulley in any other way so that the blind does not fall later. Only then, release the knot and unroll the piece of ribbon of the disk that is inside the drawer.

Then remove the box from the wall and discard the old tape. You already have it? It's time to change the old tape for the new one.

Scheme of a blind

Put on the new tape

Take the new ribbon and lightly burn one end with a lighter so it doesn't fray. Now place it on the upper disc or pulley inside the drawer, just as the old one was in the drum. Wrap it around twice and tie the knot at the end. Tense, remove the clamps or whatever you have put to immobilize the blind and lower it so that the tape is wound.

Next, take the box at the height you need to place it on the wall and cut the tape a little below it. Burn the end, like you did before and insert it through the lower slot of the box and in the direction of rotation take it up to the retaining screw.

To make the hole for the screw and that it does not fray, heat the tip of a screw, a lag bolt or a hot nail with a lighter. Do not do it very at the tip, leave at least a centimeter to avoid problems. After place the screw so that the belt does not move.

Return the box to the wall

Raise the blind to the top and immobilize it again. Now unhook the pulley shaft from the box below to be able to Manually wind the tape. Make sure that it goes straight, that it does not turn at any time. Once rolled up, mount the box again and screw it to the wall.

Now you can remove what you have put to fix the blind and check that the blind works correctly. If so, as we hope, you will be able to replace the top box cover and you will have finished changing the blind tape.

It's a lot of steps and it can be overwhelming to change the tape on a blind, but take it easy and it will come off!

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