Storage ideas with Billy shelves from Ikea

Billy shelf from Ikea

Storage is a very important part of home spaces. If we do not have good furniture to store and organize everything, the house is messy and therefore the decoration does not matter much, because it will not look in any way. That's why we show you these fresh ideas to do with Billy shelves from Ikea.

These modular furniture from the firm Ikea are another of his great ideas, really useful. They can be taken by modules so that they adapt to what we need, and not vice versa, so we can always have the perfect shelves for any place. At sight it is in the examples that we show you that it is a very versatile storage idea.

Characteristics of the Billy bookcase from Ikea

This Billy bookcase from Ikea is a very functional piece, one of those typical furniture from the Ikea firm. It is a Nordic style bookcase that has become a classic in the world of furniture. It has a modern look and is really practical. They are furniture with many shelves and many different variants. We can find different heights and widths. There is also a version that curves to fit a corner. On the other hand, we will find the version with or without glass, depending on the type of library we want. Although it was originally intended as a bookcase, it can be used in other ways, such as a shoe rack, as a piece of furniture for the dressing room area or as a piece for storage in any room. These furniture can be found in various shades, as it always happens with Ikea, with white, light wood or black.

Billy bookcase from Ikea in a reading corner

Ikea reading corner

These shelves are the perfect idea to create a Reading corner, since you can have all your titles at hand. Using an area near the wall, even in the corner, you will have a space for all those books and to make a small creative or resting place, as if you had a library in your own home. This furniture has been designed from the beginning as a bookcase for the home, so this is its original function. If you use the corner shelf you will have the ideal corner. In that corner you can put a good armchair that is comfortable to read for hours. Add a side table and you have a simple set for your reading corner.

Bookcase with ladder

Billy shelf with ladder

Adding something to these shelves can also be a good idea. A ladder adds a lot of charm to this bookcase with simple design, as if it were an antique piece of furniture. It's a way to make it look like more than just an Ikea piece of furniture. It is true that we will have to look for more elements to get that detail, since you have to buy the ladder with the rails so that it moves from one side to the other. However, the special touch that these bookstores have is very special, so lovers of reading will appreciate them.

Add Ikea Billy bookcases in small spaces

Adapted shelving

Lo best of this furniture is that you can adapt to almost all spaces. Proof of this are these images, in which we see the shelf under the stairs or filling the gaps around the door, separating spaces. It is a great piece of furniture that can help us to have more storage at home and to take advantage of the last available space. With its modules we can always buy the parts we need and add more as more storage needs arise at home. This is a great advantage of Ikea furniture that is sold in practical modules and sizes so that they can adapt to all types of houses and spaces.

Billy shelf as a tv cabinet

TV Stand

This bookshelf adapts very easily and therefore we can see real huge furniture in various houses. In this case they have bought several Billy shelves from Ikea, some even glazed, to adapt it to the television space and thus get a large bookcase, a very large storage space in the living room area. The best thing is that being a piece of furniture in white tones, light and open, it is not very heavy even if it has many shelves. In any case, when it comes to adding books and details, we must also have a certain taste. In this case we see books that use the same tones and that are arranged in different directions. On some shelves you could put details such as candles or a vase with flowers. Mixing things up on the shelves is a great idea because it makes the design appear lighter.

Narrow shelf as auxiliary furniture

Narrow shelf from Ikea

La Billy version of Ikea narrower it is a perfect piece of furniture for a small area. An ideal furniture for the bathroom, or even for the entrance area, to leave shoes. Being so narrow we can put it in many places and as we can see there are some baskets to keep everything well organized. We know that organization is one of the things that Ikea does best and in these Billy shelves we see this idea so functional that it helps to have an organized and beautiful house.

Hack with the Billy bookshelf from Ikea

Ikea hack

One of the things that have become most popular is to share Ikea hack ideas, that is to say, the creative renovations of typical Ikea furniture. They are basic furniture and that is why each person wants to give them their personal touch, something that happens with the great Ikea hacks. In this case we see the simple shelf turned into a beautiful and colorful piece of furniture, which will undoubtedly attract attention in any room. They have used furniture paint in a yellow tone and a wallpaper for the back area. Of course we can say that it does not look like the same piece of furniture.

Dining room with shelves from Ikea

Billy Dining Room

The shelves are not only bookcases designed for the living room area. They can also replace a sideboard in the dining area. in this case they have added books but you can put things like dishes or table linen in it to have everything at hand. It is a great piece of furniture that gives us great functionality and if we want to keep everything very clean we can always buy the closed version with glass.

Glazed Ikea Billy Shelving Unit

Billy shelf from Ikea

This is the idea we are talking about, a closed shelving in the dining area so that the dishes and utensils do not catch dirt. So we will have everything in sight and we can enjoy a sideboard that is very functional near the table. It is an especially useful idea if it is a large family that needs to set large tables.

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