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stair closet

No matter what we do, we are never going to have enough storage solutions at home. More space is always needed, but it is not easy to find it. When drawers, storage rooms and closets are missing at home, the stairwell it can become our great ally. In this post we present some ideas to take advantage of that space under the stairs.

Whoever has a house with one or two floors (a chalet, a semi-detached, a duplex...) is probably already using this space to store all kinds of objects, perhaps in an improvised and disorderly way. If so, why not organize it smartly to get the most out of it?

Today there are magnificent solutions, some of them really imaginative, to turn that dead corner into a useful space in your home. The really interesting thing is how to do it. Not all those holes are the same. There are taller, deeper and even some with a morphology as whimsical as it is demanding. All these peculiarities will guide us towards the correct way to reconvert this hole, which can become a wardrobe, a pantry or a bookstore, For example.

This is a question worth considering carefully. Having few closets at home is a problem, but so is having many but poorly organized. If we are going to "activate" the space under the stairs at home to give it a use, we must avoid making the usual mistakes. The watchword should be efficiency.

Adapted cabinets

cupboard under the stairs

The design of a storage space in the stairwell must be adapted to its use. If the hole coincides with the entrance or the hall of the house, the most appropriate thing is to try to take advantage of it to store coats, bags and shoes. Even cleaning products, mops and brushes, towels... The best solution is to install a adapted closet.

The options are varied, although it is obviously preferable that the cabinet doors have a color and design that goes well with the decoration of this part of the house. The most important thing is to be clear that the doors must cover the scalene triangle that forms the hole, regardless of what the interior distribution of the spaces is, since these are not going to be visible.

In the image that heads this post, we see a classic solution: a sober-style wardrobe, well adapted to the shape of the hole, with white-painted wooden doors with decreasing height. Clean, functional, pretty.

In the second image, another different option, with a more modern and informal air, although equally effective. The doors are square and cover the space under the stairs in several rows (longer at the bottom, shorter at the top). When we open them, the distribution is exposed, exposing the real "skeleton" of the closet. Every space, no matter how small, counts.

pull-out cabinets stair

On these lines, a variant of this solution: the removable cabinets. This is an especially interesting proposal when the corner under the stairs is not too high, but deep.

In addition, this type of cabinet can help us avoid blows and access the objects stored inside in a more comfortable way. Finally, we highlight that the pull-out cabinets under the stairs allow us to view all their contents in a simple way, preventing items from accumulating and “losing” in the background.

makeshift pantries

pantry under stairs

Although it is not very common to have a hole under the stairs that leads directly to the kitchen, it is more likely that it is in the dining room and not too far from it. In this way, make this space an impromptu pantry It is an idea as original as it is practical.

For fans of order, this peculiar pantry it is a true blessing. Especially if at home we have a relatively small kitchen in which we do not have enough space to store pots, pans, kitchen appliances or dishes, to name a few examples.

Here you can also combine pull-out shelves with drawers and chests of drawers, thus achieving practical and multifunctional spaces to cover all our needs. The image above illustrates this idea quite well.

Bookcases and shelves

shelves under stairs

When the hole under the stairs is directly in a living room, almost better than a closet is the idea of ​​turning it into a a bookshelf or bookcase. This concept has a different function from that of the cabinets: while the objective of the latter is to “get the coats, shoes and other objects out of sight”, the shelves provide an additional decorative element. And that gives us much more play.

In the two images above, two different bets: on the left, a bookcase with irregular and spacious compartments (those who have many books at home will appreciate this solution), with a layout that is pleasing to the eye and very bright.

On the other hand, on the right, three large wooden shelves ideal for storing objects. The one in this example seems to be the stairwell in a basement, although if it were in some other part of the class it could be used to decorate the shelves and shelves with other ornaments. Also with plants and flowers, which always bring a touch of freshness and joy to any room.

office under stairs

Finally, a curious variant that can be put into practice as long as you have a little more space than normal under the stairs: the home office, “under stairs” version.

The office can be that, simply a work space where you can place a desk, a chair, some drawers and a lamp or light source. You can also combine the two concepts and install a mini office there complete with some shelves and bookcases. We see it in the images above.

A small workspace to use comfortably and a great solution for those who have to do home working and they do not have a study or a room at home to allocate for this function.

many more ideas

As a summary, we can affirm that the holes under the stairs are spaces that, well used, can be very important in any home. Apart from the possibilities explained in these paragraphs, there are many other options within our reach. It all depends on our preferences and needs.

Why not use that hole to keep the bike? There we would have an original home garage, conveniently hidden behind a curtain. And how about doing one there? woodshed or wainscoting, In the case of having a fireplace at home? They are just some suggestions. Surely you know what you need most in your house.

Images - carpentech,, Houzz, Furniture to Measure

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