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Decorating a room with style can be quite a challenge and it is really difficult to define a personal look that represents us in some way. We have already given ideas on how to decorate walls with wicker baskets, but we can also do it with hats. Like the first ones, they can work very well on the walls of a room with a rustic character. A simple and inexpensive concept which can also have a practical sense.

Those who are used to wearing hats are not satisfied with one or two and tend to accumulate a large collection. Dressing the walls can be a good way to give them a new use after the summer. And we say summer because we have decided to leave some ideas to use straw hats to decorate the wall.

Tips for decorating with straw hats

straw hats on the wall

There are simple ideas with great decorative power and this is one of them. Hanging the hats on the wall is simple, they are light elements and as such a few self adhesive hangers, and not nails that can leave marks, to get the most out of this original way of decorating the wall. Forget about using wall paste afterwards to cover up those holes!


Walls decorated with hats

The truth is that if we want our spaces to talk about us, nothing better than using things that are important or representative to us. Hats are a good example. I discovered straw hats last year and I love them. I used to be a little shy, I don't know why, but now I need to cover my face from the sun and its harmful rays, and hats are great. And super stylish!

I have bought several and when winter comes it is difficult for me to store them. Perhaps more than fifty years ago, women had round boxes for hats and wigs, but today this is not the case and there is also a lack of space in houses and flats, so… the wall is presented as a great option. Two birds with one stone! Decoration and guard.

Decoration with straw hats

We can hang them in various ways, but the usual is to hang them from asymmetric way, creating a playful focal point. The wall can be of various colors, although for the tone of the straw I think that white is the best choice. Over one White wall straw hats always look good, naturally elegant and casual. Don't know how to hang them well? Well, you can imagine a cloud and with that shape in mind, distribute them on the wall.

straw hats on a rack


Another option, if there is a piece of furniture nearby (a bed back, the top edge of a sofa, shelves with books, a floor lamp), is to follow his line. That will be easier and visually more orderly.

Another alternative is to follow a horizontal line. The result will be simple and minimalist but no less interesting for that. You can also hang the hats on a wire, like earrings, and intersperse them with other fashion accessories (if the space is the bedroom or the dressing room).

straw hats in the living room

If the wall you have for the hats is narrow and vertical you can arrange them vertically, like a hat tree starting from the ceiling to the floor. Of course, a wide, uncluttered wall is the best and easiest canvas to decorate, but even a small one can do the trick and look great. Thus, we can hang three or four hats on the head of the bed, or at the entrance of the house, in the hall, or on the walls of the stairs.

As we can see, the action of hanging the hats on the wall It is the simplest part of this way of decorating and the most complicated is getting it right with their arrangement. Then, you have to arrange the straw hats on the floor and order them according to the ideas that we have given you until you find the one you like the most. Just then, to the wall.

Walls decorated with hats

To make it clear on which walls we can hang straw hats: over a chest of drawers or a bench in the home hall, in the stairwell or in the corridor either between door and door, or on the back wall; These are some of the most popular proposals. But they are not the only ones, dare to be creative! It is a "clean" way of decorating and you can try different designs before reaching the final one.

hats of different sizes on the wall

Once you decide you will finish in a few minutes and without spending almost any money. The hats give texture and depth to the walls and being made of straw, it adds a beachy, relaxed, vacation style. And being your own hats, or the hats of the family, each one has its history. Maybe you bought some on your trip, or one belonged to your father or grandfather, so at the same time it is a wall full of memories.

Finally, there is something that we cannot ignore and that is the cleaning. All decorative objects get dirty, dust falls on them and they have to be cleaned regularly. And this subject must be considered a lot if you decide to hang up straw hats on a wall. Why? Well, it is not a painting or a metal or ceramic object that is easy to clean, just wipe it with a duster, a cloth and that's it. The straw has a plot and dust gets into it if we forget to clean it often.

Straw hats in the bedroom

In other words, if you let the whole winter go by without taking the time to take down your hats and clean them, you are going to run into a problem when you want to use them. And even if they are only decorative! It is very dirty to have hanging objects full of dust. Therefore, when you see that they begin to accumulate a patina of dust, you have to take a while, take them off the wall and clean them. I advise passing first the feather duster and then a soft bristle brush. You will see the dust that comes out of each one of them!

If you like the summer style, fresh, of eternal sunny days, if you like neutral tones, if you like to decorate with memories and objects with history, go ahead and hang straw hats on a wall in your house. You will not regret it.

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