Textured tiles to decorate the bathroom


hexagon tiles

Choosing how to paint or decorate the walls of the house always has its turns. Colors are managed by fashion, as well as decoration, but there are spaces in the home that we cannot renew very often because the process is very expensive. The bathroom is one of those spaces.

For the bathroom we try to choose something that lasts, in style and materials. Here at Decoora we have shown, over time, different proposals to cover the bathroom walls. Today we continue to expand this range of possibilities, focusing not so much on the material or format, but on its characteristics. We want to add texture to the walls or the floor and we can do it with textured tiles to decorate the bathroom. You dare?

Tiles and ceramics

Textured tiles

The word tile, as you must suppose, comes from arabic and it is simply a piece of ceramic pottery, thin and with one of its faces glazed. This "glazing" is the result of firing the substance with which that face is painted, the enamel. It can have different shapes although the most popular are square and rectangular. there are monochrome or polychrome, smooth or, as we are interested in today, with reliefs or textures.

The history of the tile is very old, it goes back to Mesopotamia, and it entered Europe at the hands of the Arabs through the Iberian Peninsula, precisely, so the next time you enter your bathroom and lose yourself in the contemplation of its walls azulejadas remember that you are in another chapter of history.

It is precisely in those moments of contemplation, while we are on the toilet, taking a shower, shaving or putting on makeup, that we begin to dream of renovations. What if we paint the tiles? What if we renew the shower wall? What if we invest in a little modernization?

Textured tile in the bathroom

There was a time when the bathroom was thought of as a purely functional space and its decoration was not as thoughtful. That is no longer the case and thanks to the constant effort of interior designers the bathroom has become one of the most impressive parts of the house. You just have to know how to choose and the bathroom will become a personal oasis, not only comfortable and functional but also visually attractive.

We think that is why it is important that the decoration helps you relax and that is why the first thing to consider is the coverings. It's easy to get lost among so many tiles and mosaics, there are so many colors and shapes. But what do you think of them? textured tiles to decorate the bathroom? The truth is, they are among the most interesting interior design trends of recent times.

And it's that textured tiles create entirely new touch-based effects and in the visual contrast between the coldness of the ceramic and the color. Luckily, there is a wide variety of textured tiles for bathroom walls: there are delicate designs, classic designs such as flowers or animals, vertical or horizontal stripes, wavy shapes and also unique textures that look like cloth. You just have to choose!

textured white tiles

Luckily we have different ways to give character and personality to the bathroom. We can do it by playing with different materials and combining different colors. Among the many options you will find on the market for spruce up the wallsThen there are the tiles or ceramics with texture and/or reliefs. They are the most interesting. Why? Because create some depth and perspective and you will see that well balanced with other simple tiles, the visual effect that is achieved is stupendous.

Yes, just adding a little texture can transform a wall into a tactile attraction. Wonderful! Let's look at some options: in the case of horizontal lines we must know that add depth to a small bathroom. We usually think that large bathrooms are more relaxing than small ones, but this is not the case: if we know how to organize it and design it meticulously, it is not necessary for the bathroom to be spacious to be relaxing.

textured tile bathrooms

For example, as we said, you can choose textured tiles that have horizontal lines. A) Yes, the walls will seem taller. And if you use light colors it will seem widereither. To increase the depth you can place a mirror near the window or on the opposite wall that is empty. Another option is use textured tiles inside showers. It must be said that the ceramic/tile industry is very creative and today we can even find 3D tiles.

The 3d tiles they are great for the bathroom, we can combine different designs, colors and motifs, triangular, square and hexagonal, for instance. How dynamic it can be! This kind of 3D textured tiles are ideal for creating shower interiors from another galaxy. Imagine the following: a bathroom in neutral colors, gray or white, but with a colorful and textured shower interior.

textured tiles in the bathroom


The textured tiles to decorate the bathroom are perfect for creating touch walls. They are the starting point for thinking about the entire bathroom decoration: colours, details, furniture, lights. They are something like “sculptural walls”, because like a sculpture they tend to movement and three-dimensionality in space. They offer unparalleled shapes and take a lot of thought into the furniture, but they're worth it.

These embossed tiles also they are great and perfect for recreating movements as, for example, waves. The undulating effects create sinuous, intimate and sensual forms. These are patterns that do not create sharp edges and are matte and not at all flashy, but elegant, sophisticated and soft, making the bathroom even more private. And how relaxing!

Textured tiles

Alternatively combine styles and shapes. If you are not afraid of adventure, textured tiles to decorate the bathroom can give free rein to your imagination in style patchwork. More fun!

When one opts for this type of tiles, one does not need much more to decorate the bathroom. Tiles like the ones we have collected in our selection of images will require simple furniture next to them; sober furniture in a minimalist style that do not overload the space.

Textured tile in the bathroom


Finishing all the walls with the same type of tile can be excessive. The best bet is to focus on one or two walls and use more sober tiles on the rest. same color range or to contrast. The black and white binomial always works; but you can be more daring as Kutahya seramik has been in his pink and white proposal.

Textured bathroom tiles


In short, made of stone, stoneware or other ceramic materials, this type of tile is usually used on the walls of the shower and/or on the main wall; the one where the sink is placed. We have already mentioned its aesthetic advantages and in terms of its drawbacks we must say that obviously some of them are more difficult to clean than a smooth tile.

Porcelanosa, Ondacer, Unicer, Aparici, Mettro, Piero Lissoni or Ragno are some of the websites where I have found the different proposals to use textured tiles to decorate the bathroom.

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