What takes more: curtains or blinds?

Blinds or curtains?

Both curtains and blinds allow us filter outside light and they provide us privacy in our home. Each one does it, however, in a different way, through different installation and opening systems that may be more or less suitable in our home. So… Which one takes more? Curtains or blinds?

There is no single answer to the question. The blinds achieved great prominence years ago for representing a modern Alternative, precisely, to the curtains. Aesthetically, they were more appropriate to decorate the windows of modern-style homes and became fashionable. However, the curtains wear a lot and today it is still common to debate between the two. How to choose between one and the other, then? Contemplating the sales and disadvantages of each of them.


1. f. Fabric that usually hangs from doors and windows as an ornament or to isolate from light and foreign gazes.

Curtains are a great practical tool to gain privacy in our homes and filter the sun's rays in order to adapt the brightness of a certain room. But they also have great decorative power and allow us to dress the bedroom, the living room or the dining room.


With regards to curtain opacity, you will be able to choose from a wide range of possibilities and even combine several to ensure that the atmosphere of the room is pleasant at any time of the year and under any circumstance. Several questions will help you decide between a translucent, an opaque or the combination of both: What uses are you going to give to the room? At what time of the day does the sun shine? Is it a very hot room in summer or very cold in winter? Can your neighbors see you from other windows?

The curtains lost the battle against the blinds because they represented a more traditional option, however, we have verified that the curtains fit perfectly in modern environments and contemporary, so we would not worry so much about which one fits in which environment as which one we like more or offers us more advantages over the other.


The advantages

  • Curtains provide greater control about the amount of light that enters the room by playing with the opening, the fabrics and the layers.
  • They can be made in a larger variety of fabrics, colors and patterns.
  • They bring dynamism to the stay, when moving with the step or the wind.
  • They offer a further customization. You can cut, add new designs, change the bars...


1m One-piece curtain, which is collected vertically.

Composed of one piece the blinds are folded vertically, unlike curtains, and allow us to draw a barrier between the outside and the inside of our home. They help to filter the light and prevent the interior of the room from being seen from the outside, protecting us from prying eyes.

roller blind

Depending on your opening mechanism The blinds can be classified as roller blinds, when they are rolled around a tube at the top, or folding, when the curtain is gathered up in successive folds thanks to a system of ropes and rods.

The fabric characteristics with which the blinds are manufactured and that allow more or less amount of light to enter the room also allow us to classify them into different groups. The translucent, those that allow light to pass through but prevent it from being seen through it, on the one hand. And the opaque ones that completely block light and act as a barrier against heat, on the other. In addition, we cannot fail to mention those with Screen technical fabric, that prevent the entry of UVA rays, insulate us from the heat and cold outside and provide us with different degrees of openness.

folding blind

Now that you know the main characteristics of blinds, it will be very easy for you to deduce some of their advantages and disadvantages. But we are not going to ask you to do it, we have already done it ourselves. You just have to keep reading to find out if, in addition to being fashionable, they would be functional in your home.

The advantages

  • The anchoring systems are simple, allowing a installation process within reach of any hand.
  • They are a highly valued option when it comes to dressing windows in tight spaces.
  • They have a simpler maintenance; they can be cleaned with a cloth dampened in a mild soapy solution.
  • They are cheap, within reach of any pocket.
  • Shipping is safe for children; the laces of the closure system are hidden or disappear.

So, curtains or blinds? We could say that blinds are always a great proposal for those looking for an alternative to the traditional. In addition, they are probably the best option to dress windows in contemporary spaces with a minimalist cut. We can talk about fashion with blinds but not with curtains, although they have always been there. Because they provide warmth and elegance and help define the style of a room. So if the question is what wears more? The answer is the curtain. If the question is what is fashionable? So probably the answer is the blind.

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