The green color in the kitchen

Green is one of those rarely used colors because it is quite risky and striking when decorating different areas of the house. However, It is a color that looks quite good and that gives an original and fresh touch to home spaces such as the kitchen.

But the palette of greens is very wide and you have to be careful when choosing. What green should I use? A lemon green, a softer green, several shades at the same time? Or another topic, not minor, where to use green? In the cabinets, on the walls, the curtains…? With the following tips you will have no problem when decorating your kitchen with a color as vibrant and cheerful as green.

The color green

is one of the colors most used in the world and the color related par excellence to nature. But there is no single green color. All the colors that we perceive between yellow and blue are called "green".

Green is one of the four primary psychological colors and is considered a cool color. When you study color therapy you learn that colors have an influence on people's moods, and in this case it is said that green transmits peace, calm and serenity. That is why it is widely used in hospitals or first aid rooms. Obviously, also in advertising.

And even if you think that in the kitchen there is a lot of action and little peace, it is also true that there is life and creative processes, that those who cook need pauses, have moments of reading, reflection and great satisfaction. And green goes hand in hand with all these emotions.

As we said above, the green palette is wide and it must be said, very beautiful. Thus, they are irish green, aqua green, turquoise green, jade green, sea green, bottle green, green oil and the list goes on. So, with so many greens, which one is best for me when renovating my kitchen?

First, it must be said that the color green is perfect for the kitchen because helps enhance all natural light that is in it, and allows the space to appear much larger than it really is. When you ask an interior decorator why green kitchens are booming, why they are so visually appealing or how to choose the perfect shade of green for your own space it tells you the following:

  • that green is a naturally calming and mood-boosting color. It is the color of health and well-being and it seems that makes us choose healthier foods.
  • that green evokes peace and can act as a therapeutic color that brings balance and stability, a sense of peace and renewal that reaches inside from outside.
  • which the green family is the one that offers a wider range of variety, from the soft shade of mint green, for example, or sage green, to warm olive green or vibrant forest green.
  • that green can be unexpected to decorate a kitchen, but it is fresh and natural and will surely give a breath of life to any interior space.

But if the palette of greens is numerous, What shade of green is best for my kitchen? The experts in decoration suggest in this case that think of something more than paintingThink about flooring, cabinets, tile, and countertops as all of these elements need to be coordinated with the color you choose.

Another thing to keep in mind when thinking about the color green in the kitchen is the size of your kitchen. A small space requires lighter tones that make it look bigger, for example.

In addition, one does not spend time painting the kitchen every six months or once a year, so when thinking about something as playful as the color green, we would have to opt for the most timeless green tone of all possible.

So, that shade of paint should have a base of gray, brown, or cream, because it will last longer without getting old or looking stiff. If you were thinking of something strong, then the suggestion is that you go for a full shade, 100% pure green. No returns!

Use green in the kitchen

If you are going around the use of green color in the kitchen and you do not decide, you are not one of those who change decoration all the time and much less are you skilled in the use of color, the advice is to start little by little. Make your first step a small project: paint the cabinets or buy a small kitchen cabinet. You can think of a green dashboard, the island or a decorative accessory that gives it that green touch that you are wanting.

Starting small makes nothing overwhelming. If you throw yourself into painting the walls or all the cabinets green, it can be very impressive. Little by little is the idea, to realize what else you can add or change in your project. And in fact, there are many small areas in the kitchen where green is great. A neutral kitchen can be enlivened with some tiles over the sink or a simple line of green tiles.

The idea is while adding the green color to always work with what you already have. Another example, you can use a very dark shade for the lower cabinets and a white or a very light shade of the same green for the upper cabinets. Also remember that green looks great with wood and with other colors: wooden floor, white walls, green cabinets, for example. You have a super warm farm kitchen.

A good move is combine with white since it is a fairly light shade that is perfect for achieving a balance in the entire decoration of the room. White can be in the tiles, curtains or classic kitchen appliances. I do not recommend the white floor, it may be beautiful but it is very dirty.

Also, the accessories and complements can be made of a material such as steel, since it combines perfectly with a color as vivid as green. Another good option can be choose the white table and the green chairs. You can complete this decoration with a small rug with a shade a little darker than the green that you are going to use throughout the kitchen.



Lighting is very important in this type of color so vivid and cheerful  since it will help you to give a greater presence to the whole place. In addition to the main light, you can choose to put some specific lighting in some areas of the kitchen, as is the case of the table where you have breakfast or a snack or on the counter (those low-power LED lights that can stay on all the night).

Finally, a designer tip: keep lime green away in the kitchen. It can be vibrant and youthful, but it has a quick expiration date and you end up hating it. As you can see, green is an excellent option when decorating a place in the house as important as the kitchen.

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