The great uses of microcement in decoration

Microcement in decoration

Microcement in decoration has become one of the main protagonists. Already a few years to this part it has acquired enough importance and it is that it stands as one of those trends that we all want in our home. It is not for less! Because in addition to being versatile it is also very resistant and this makes us opt for it.

But not only that, but also, it has a series of very practical uses that will confirm all its advantages. Microcement coatings will give your home more personality. Therefore, if you want to know a little more about all this, about the advantages and of course, the style combinations that we can make thanks to microcement, we will tell you about it below.

What is microcement coating

We always like to start 'at the beginning' as they say. Hence, it is first necessary to say what the microcement coating is about. It is a material that is made up of several ingredients such as cement, logically, but also resins and mineral pigments in color.. Hence, you can always get very different shades. Said shades and said material will be the one that can cover all types of surfaces. From cement walls, to concrete or even tiles and marble. All this is thanks to its simple application since it can adhere to all types of surfaces and materials. In addition, it should be noted that it does not have joints. If already with this that we mentioned you think that it can be a good option for your house, then in myrevest You have everything you need.

Advantages of microcement

Where can microcement be applied?

We have just mentioned that no surface can resist it. So we are facing one of the great advantages for a coating like this. That is why if you want to know where it is applied, we will tell you that microcement it is ready to cover both vertical and horizontal surfaces such as walls and even furniture, indoors or outdoors, such as in the pool area. It does not have limits! Since it is a coating that is placed on the chosen area that we want, applying a layer of about 3 millimeters and only with that, you will have a perfect result.

What are the uses of microcement in decoration

  • The walls: Without a doubt, it is always one of the most chosen areas. Why? Well, because by not having joints, the rooms will look much more spacious and with a finish that will adapt to all kinds of decorative styles.
  • On the garden or terrace furniture: As it is a fairly resistant material, it is common to find it in outdoor furniture or even in some passageways such as stairs. Also facilitating its cleaning.
  • In the kitchen: Of course, if you have to put on a scale where microcement is most often used in decoration, then we have to say that it is in the kitchen. Because it is waterproof and resistant to wear and tear as well as cleaning products.
  • For the bathroom: Because in addition to resisting the humidity that is concentrated in the bathroom, it should be mentioned that it is non-slip. So you will avoid unnecessary accidents.

Microcement floors

Now you know how well it can be combined throughout your home, but you have to remember that the finish can be a bit cold. That is why we advise you to combine it with details in colors of your choice. Since it is a way of betting on trends and for more welcoming rooms, as well as being functional thanks to microcement. Although We know that this material also has a series of colors that range from basic ones such as black or white, to neutral gray. which is one of the most demanded.

Advantages in decorating our home

One of the most important is its resistance, since that is the only way we know that we are facing a good investment as well as a long-lasting one. It does not have joints, so it is much easier to clean and, furthermore, it can be applied to all types of surfaces, so no overly complicated works are necessary. But above all, you can always choose the style or finish that you like best and that matches the one in your home. Hence we can say that your decoration will be unique!

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