The niche, an architectural element with character


Among the many architectural elements that can add character to our homes, the niche is one of the most prominent. Now that straight lines seem to dominate the design world, the bow becomes an attractive element and with great decorative power.

The niche is an architectural element with character. Forgotten for many years, he now returns stronger than ever and a leading role in our homes. And there is not only one correct place to integrate them as you will have time to verify. Both the living room, the bedroom or the study are rooms that can benefit from this element.

the niche

From oven.
1. f. Arch-shaped hole, which is usually left in the thickness of the main wall of the factories, to place a statue or a vase, and sometimes in the walls of the temples, to put an altar.


The niche is that hollow surmounted by a semicircular arch that originally would be on both the interior and exterior walls of the temples to place an image, urn or statue and whose use has evolved to combine decoration and functionality in our homes.

these gaps are created on the surface of a masonry wall, but they can also be imitated with subsequent marquetry work. This last alternative, however, entails a loss of depth that can be representative in a small room.

Today they are generally used to accommodate a shelf in which to present books and other objects. But, they can also be used as an element to draw attention to a specific corner or piece of furniture, as we show you below.

Uses for the niche

Although niches are generally used as shelves in different rooms of the home, as we have already told you, they can play a merely ornamental role. Adding a point of interest to our home is always a way to increase its value, regardless of its functionality.

As a shelf in the living room

This will probably be the image you have of the niche: a more or less large hole integrated into the living room wall and provided with wooden shelves on which books and other decorative objects are displayed. Are we wrong?

Niches as a shelf in the living room

Using wooden shelves in contrast to a white wall or light colors is one of the most popular and interesting resources to draw attention to this element and at the same time add warmth to the room. But what if we want to draw attention to the decorative objects and not so much to the shelves? So, use the same color as the wall for the shelves It would be the bet, without a doubt, more successful.

The aforementioned are interesting proposals for raised niches, but the possibilities are expanded when they reach the ground. In these cases, we will never go wrong including a custom cabinet in the lower part to increase our storage capacity in the living room. There is always a need for a place to store things in the living room, always!

Display crockery in the kitchen

One of the places where we most like to find niches is in the kitchen. It seems to us a very elegant element to expose the crockery in a place near the table or place different cleaning utensils on the sink. Of course, if you consider this last idea, keep in mind that keeping it relatively clear, in order and using attractive containers will be the key to making this space shine.

Use them to display crockery

Delimit the work area

In most of our homes, the work area is integrated into rooms with other uses, which is why we always emphasize the importance of give this space its own personality. And the idea of ​​using a niche for it is a brilliant idea for it.

Integrate a desk in the niche

Paint the inside of the niche of a color that contrasts with the wall will help you give it a greater prominence. You can achieve the same effect using a coating; a wooden one, for example, could bring a natural and warm touch to a room with white as the protagonist.

On the contrary, if you are one of those who believes that the niche is already striking enough as an element on its own, we invite you to paint the desk the same color as the wall and the niche itself in order to fully integrate it.

Frame the bed or sofa

If you want to add a unique element to your bedroom, a large arch that frames the bed and serve as headboard is a great alternative. Paint it in contrast, incorporate a shelf at a suitable height to place an artistic element and your bedroom will gain personality.

Use the niche to frame the bed or sofa

In the same way you could use in the living room to frame the sofa. Thinking about this idea, the possibility of the sofa being slightly integrated into it seems really interesting. That is, that the niche has the necessary depth to accommodate at least 1/3 of the sofa. In Mediterranean or wabi sabi style homes, this element is especially appropriate.

Do you like the character that niches bring to a home?

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