Things to have and not to have in a bedroom

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There is no doubt that the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. hence it is important to get the decoration and the different furniture right. The bedroom is an area of ​​the home that is made for rest and relaxation. To achieve this, there are a series of things or elements that should not be missing while there are others that are superfluous and left over.

In the following article we will tell you things that should be present in the bedroom and other things that you should not have in it.

Things that must be present in a bedroom

  • In order to rest properly and fall asleep without any problem, it is important to invest in a quality mattress. The mattress should fit the entire body and be made with a material that guarantees a certain comfort at the time of sleeping and resting. Visco-elastic mattresses are in fashion today as they help make rest as optimal as possible.
  • A good bedroom should always have a rug that helps create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Few things are more wonderful than waking up on a winter day and stepping on a soft and warm rug. For the winter and colder months, experts advise opting for rugs made with wool or cotton. For the summer months, the best rugs are fiber rugs as they help to refresh the atmosphere of the room.


  • In relation to lighting, the best possible lighting is indirect and in sconces to achieve a really cozy atmosphere throughout the room. LED lights are in fashion and they are perfect for the bedroom as they will allow you to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Wall lights are perfect when it comes to creating light in the room without dazzling.
  • Few people choose to put natural plants in the bedroom. Experts on the subject recommend putting some plants in the room as they help to relax the environment and clean it. There are species that bring a wonderful fragrance and aroma to the entire bedroom and They allow the person to relax to such an extent that they have no problem sleeping properly.
  • A good bedroom will always be clean and tidy. This order is essential when the person can rest without any problem. You can not allow the bedroom to be messy and dirty. The disorder makes it more difficult to fall asleep.


Things that a bedroom should not have

  • The bedroom is the place in the house intended for rest, so it is not advisable to hear any noise. It is therefore important to isolate the bedroom from the rest of the house as well as possible and Find a place where you can rest properly and without any problem.
  • It cannot be allowed that the bedroom is a poorly ventilated place in which the environment is not renewed. The ventilation of such a room is beneficial to health. A ventilated room decreases the risk of certain infections and allergies. It only takes a few minutes a day to ventilate it correctly.
  • It is not at all advisable to opt for dark colors when decorating a bedroom. It is best to choose shades that are light and play with the contrast of the accessories. What matters is creating a relaxing environment that encourages rest. Apart from light tones, there are a series of colors that help to relax the environment, such as blue or green.
  • The decoration of a bedroom is very important when it comes to getting a place where you can rest and relax. It should not be overloaded, otherwise the space seems smaller and the visual noise increases considerably. It is not necessary to put more things than necessary since what matters is creating a comfortable environment that encourages rest.

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  • The bedroom is a place in the house intended for rest, so it is not convenient to have a television or a computer in it. It is advisable to turn off the mobile and avoid the use of screens a few minutes before going to sleep. In front of the TV or mobile it is much more advisable to read a good book that helps to relax.

Ultimately, These are some of the things that you must have in your bedroom and others that you must not have under any circumstances. It is really important to create a cozy and comfortable room that allows you to sleep and fall asleep in the best possible way.

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