Tips for decorating children's rooms


The bedroom is a fundamental part of people's lives, it is the area of ​​the house where they spend the most hours, even if it is sleeping. Children, on the other hand, tend to spend more time than adults in their bedrooms, not only to sleep. Children enjoy their rooms to play, to read, to do homework and even to study ... There are many hours that the little ones spend in their bedrooms and that is why the decoration of this room is very important for them.

It is clear that children do not understand much about decoration, but they do understand what they like and what they don't like. The decoration of children's rooms in homes is an important point so that children can enjoy this special stay as many times as they want during the day, and that they also feel great.

Shared room

Take into account the opinion of the children

The opinion of your children is important to know what their tastes are, but also so that they have the opportunity to personalize their bedroom. We are not telling you to give them free rein to decorate the bedroom as they prefer, but we do have a say in the final decisions to decorate their room, although the options are already predetermined depending on which are the most appropriate in each case. .

In this way, your children will feel that their opinions are taken into account, something that will give them confidence, security and in addition, they will realize how what they think is also important for everyone. As if that were not enough, if their opinions are taken into account, they will feel greater responsibility for the good care of the stay.


If your child is very young, you can give him options such as the color of the sheets or which stuffed animal he wants in bed ... But as the children get older they will be able to make decisions together with you of greater importance such as the colors of the walls (after you have chosen color palettes previously), the texture of the curtains, the theme of the bedroom if you want a theme, etc.

Age also matters

The age of your children is also very important to take into consideration when decorating a children's room. It is not the same to decorate a bedroom for a 3-year-old child, than for an 8 or 15-year-old. As children grow their tastes also change and you will have to take that into account. It is very likely that the 15-year-old teenager no longer wants the stuffed animals from when he was 8 years old, for example, on his bed.

In this sense, to be able to think about the options to give your children to choose, you must bear in mind their age, in addition to their current tastes. If your child is young, keep in mind that as his bedroom grows, he will also grow with him, even in small details.

Colorful children's room

Finding the balance in the children's room

It is necessary for children when they are in their bedroom to feel comfortable, that they are in their refuge, that this is their place. The decoration of the bedroom must be balanced so the children can feel good, if not, children may feel irritated. For example, colors influence the mood, too many accessories can cause anxiety ... Or inappropriate furniture can affect their development.

It is important that when decorating a children's room all this is taken into account to enhance the balance of the place and that children feel great inside the room.


Colors can directly influence the mood of children, so it will be appropriate to take into account the psychology of color and the color wheel when choosing the best color for the decoration of both the walls and the rest of the elements. The ideal is to do without the stronger or more striking colors that can alter the mood and opt for more neutral colors or pastel tones.

Heart motifs in the children's bedroom

The accessories

Accessories must also be taken into account, since a children's room that is too overloaded with elements can give the feeling of chaos, disorder and therefore, enhance anxiety. It is important that children have facilities to store their accessories so that they are not in the way, such as drawers or trunks. In addition, the accessories that are displayed should be practical, according to the decoration and that the children like.

Blue and gray children's bedrooms

Evolutionary furniture

Children grow up and if the furniture they have has become too small, it will be very important to change it for others that are suitable for their evolutionary age. The ideal in these cases to avoid spending too much money or time, is that children can have evolving furniture that they grow with them.

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