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The Yoga It is a physical and mental discipline that originated in India, but has long been practiced throughout the world in its many variants. It is a healthy and simple practice in terms of configuration, which has a growing number of followers, of all genders and ages. You can practice it at home, but first you must find the right place for it; a pleasant environment away from the noise in which you can relax.

The spaces where one practices yoga should help us enjoy a complete immersion in the discipline. For example, a room diaphanous with abundant natural light and away from noise is a good setting to create your yoga room, but not all of us have the perfect space. Luckily, we can recreate it. You do not need a large space, nor that it be exclusive for your practice, but one large enough to allow you to perform the exercises comfortably. Here I leave you some tips to decorate your yoga room.

Tips for creating a yoga space

your yoga room at home


La sunlight it provides energy so the first option is good: practice yoga in a room that has plenty of natural light; rooms with large windows and views of a natural space become the best option. It is also important that it is away from noise and / or that transmits peace to us if it is a shared space.

But it doesn't matter if it's a small room or a big room, the important thing is create a space that connects with your inner peace in a simple way. And it is not as difficult as you may be thinking at the moment, nor is it going to represent a great expense to find the correct decorative elements.

home yoga room

You can live in a small apartment and when it's time to start practicing yoga you may have to move some furniture, lower curtains and close windows to filter noise. Not all of us live in huge houses like the ones we usually see in magazines. But it does not matter. The important thing is to be comfortable and connect. Comfort and connection are the keywords.

Yoga room

Elements to decorate the yoga room

So, we may or may not have a space reserved exclusively for yoga practice or recreate it every time we practice this discipline. This recreation will have to do with moving furniture, but also with choosing appropriate music and having at hand decorative elementss to lead us down the path of relaxation. For example?

yoga mat

Fortunately, the basic yoga equipment is quite sparse: a rug or mat that allows you to perform the exercises with greater comfort is essential. They are sold in various sizes so you must first measure your space, to buy one that fits and is comfortable. They are sold at any fitness store or at orthopedics. It is also advisable to place in front of it a mirror that allows you to correct postures. Is there no mirror? No matter. It will help us think better about our body, with more concentration.

use of candles to meditate

We can include in the fourthor cushions or cushions to bring warmth to the space, as well as candles and fragrance dispersers to achieve a pleasant aroma and warm lighting that allows relaxation. Many fragrance dispensers or humidifiers are sold today to which you add a few drops of oil.

I buy rods sandalwood, for example, and I turn it on a few minutes before so that the aroma fills the whole house. The salt lamps, so popular they are another option when decorating. The Candles! She forgot about the candles. Candles combined with incense are great. Those who know the most about the subject choose different essences and candles to work different intentions and specific chakras. Thus, lavender and jasmine are associated with the crown chakra, while patchouli and cinnamon awakens the root chakra.

salt lamps for yoga

You can also burn healing herbs to clear the space of energies before beginning. Here it is not convenient to use white sage and opt instead for incense, rosemary or those that you have on hand where you live. And if you like the idea of generate some altar-style corner other elements cannot be missing.

Many of the yoga practitioners turn a bit to Buddhism or that type of discipline, reading about energy issues, biodecoding and that kind of thing. Then you can decorate with an image of Buddha or with zen images, as inspiration.

Buddhas in the yoga room

Incense burners, salt lamps, incense, fragrance dispersers and why not, some small water source one of those that plug in and generate that soothing noise of running water. There are small and portable ones and they help the senses a lot. The stones or crystals are another option of great beauty when it comes to decorating: jade brings peace and serenity to the place, while amethyst promotes stability and patience. Rose quartz is the stone of compassion and self-love, while citrine is associated with prosperity and abundance.

Can I have plants? Clear is the natural touch and helps keep the space clean. Indoor plants are great for giving positive energy And they don't feel cluttered. You can hang them from the ceiling or have them on the floor by the window.


Yoga room

Yoga room walls and colors

yoga at home

Our diaphanous walls they contribute to concentration, although it is usually very practical to have some low furniture in which to organize all the tools related to this ancient practice. paint them with Soft colors will contribute to creating a space that invites the Relaxing; white, earthy and/or soft pastel colors may be the best option.

So watch out for bright colors. It may be that you love purple or green, but in the long run they will be somewhat dark and oppressive colors for the mental and physical state that you seek when practicing yoga. It then points to clarity, to the reflection of light, whether solar or artificial, and to colors such as white, cream, sand colors or even soft turquoise, Sage green, pastel blue, lavender, pink. 

do yoga at home

In the other section we talk about lighting, which can be natural if we are lucky enough to have large windows or a visible balcony, or it can be more artificial. Today we can buy LED lamps warm tones which, together with the orange salt lamp and a good color on the walls, will create the ideal environment to do yoga.

But if we give a twist to the issue of lighting we can get into the subject of color therapy. This is how it works in professional yoga studios and, on a small scale, we can do the same at home.

practice yoga at home

Color therapy is about activate certain parts of the brain during different yoga exercises. For example, red and orange motivate the most intense poses in ashtanga yoga. Pink and green are more relaxing and better for stretching and yin yoga. The light blue is great to focus and meditate in depth. If you like the idea then choose to have a good dimmer to be able to play with lights intensity.

Basically, when thinking about a room to practice yoga, you have to take into account an orderly space, with natural elements, painted walls without bright colors, solar lighting or with LED lamps or candles or salt lamps, you can have posters or tapestries hanging, plants, a full-length mirror, crystals, stones, the yoga mat, a towel. And time, desire and confidence.

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