Tips to get a romantic style living room


If you want to decorate your living room in a romantic style, it is important to know that the characteristics that define it are elegance, an aesthetic, soft design, some vintage inspiration, These are some of the elements that will help you start on the right path.

Let's remember that the romantic style has to have some expression of emotions, nature, fantasy and nostalgia that we have to incorporate into the decoration to give a touch of style to your living room.

Let's keep in mind that the romantic style in decoration was widely used in Europe at the end of the 18th century, canopy beds, floral wallpaper upholstery, the addition of many fresh flowers and soft, pastel colors in the decoration. But, we can incorporate some accessories to the modern style while maintaining the line in terms of decoration.

 Key Features of Romantic Style 

Living room-romantic-style-entrance

  • It is more similar to the minimalist style without overloading or incorporating excessive decorative accessories.
  • Use floral prints, fabrics with lace and ruffles to add femininity, a touch of vintage, it is characterized by being feminine.
  • Curved lines, gold or silver details.

Next, we will see some tips to incorporate into the decoration of your living room to achieve the romantic style.

Use light colors


Colors to incorporate the romantic style should be kept in the categories of neutral tones, pastels, The color that characterizes it par excellence is pink. But, you can mix with yellow, gray, lavender pastel tones.

Whites and cream tones are also a good option, tAlso incorporate small doses of a bold tone such as blue or purple.

 Light and transparent fabrics


It is very important place transparent curtains. They can be fabrics such as silk, chiffon, lace, because they provide a soft and faint appearance when sunlight passes through. They also provide privacy, They move gently with the breeze and add a feeling of light and spaciousness to the living room.

The embroidery that you can incorporate with lace or scalloped edges are a great option to enhance the romantic style.

You should take into account fine materials and soft-touch fabrics for the upholstery.. In this case you can use light cottons, try to mix and match the materials and tones to enhance the romance with your textures.

Soft lighting the key to romantic style


It is essential in this style to place a soft lighting. Dimmers are a great way to adjust lighting providing a soft look. You can choose warm bulbs, or also consider red, orange or soft pink tones.

Let's remember that soft lighting is considered sensual to achieve a romantic atmosphere, and it is also more welcoming.

Something that cannot be missing are lamps with tassels, crystal chandeliers, but the primary element is the candles. They should be placed throughout the room because it creates a very warm and romantic glow in the room.

Fresh plants and flowers

All plants add warmth to rooms, but for the romantic style it is essential to incorporate fresh flowers. Roses are the classics, hydrangeas and hyacinths are a good combination of colors and incomparable aromas.

Adding an exotic orchid in a pot is a good option. Wild flowers such as sprigs of lavender or violets are other options to incorporate exquisite aromas into the room.

Placing flowers in antique ceramic or clear glass vases are the best ideas.

Printed with patterns

They were always widely used to decorate in the romantic style. Here you can vary the combinations, for example, romantic designs for a sofa such as being printed with flowers, Add cushions with stripes of bright colors. You can play and combine them to accentuate a particular piece of furniture.

Incorporate fireplace


Fireplaces for the living room are gaining a lot of popularity as there is a wide variety of possible installations.

It is essential to incorporate it into the romantic style in decoration since it is a characteristic accessory of the style, the creaking of wood the flames flaming on a winter night. In addition, it adds an elegant but modern and traditional touch at the same time.

Put up some art


It is important to look for works of art of natural scenes, such as landscapes., snow-covered mountains or stormy and rough seas.
There are many antique stores where you can get this type of original works at different prices. But it is very important to take this detail into account since it is key in the romantic style.

Details of the romantic style that you should know


You have to keep in mind that it is important to add personal touches to the space such as works of art, add antique items, collectibles, family pieces, something that can give a unique and personalized look to your room.

The romantic style is a great way to create a cozy atmosphere, but it should feel comfortable, elegant, combining classic elements with feminine details. Incorporating lush plants and antiques can help shape the style.

If you want to choose a classic romantic style, it is essential to place prints with nature, floral or landscape scenes.

If instead you want to carry out a modern romantic approach, you have to include pieces with some abstract art, incorporate patterns of geometric shapes and more striking colors.

As for accessories, incorporate metal and glass, candles and vases, antique perfume bottles, they are great options.

A secret of the style is gentle aging, therefore the furniture and surfaces with details remember and evoke days gone by. Combine woods and metals that look a little worn With well-chosen vintage details, they are the heart of the style.

Try not to choose pieces that are too worn but in a subtle way. Soft and subtle decoration prevents places from feeling overloaded, it is important to keep the colors monochromatic so that the style is sophisticated.

Finally, we have to say that the romantic style provides sensitivity, delicacy and comfort to the home, these are the fundamental principles of this style. It has a lot of charm and passion, and as we have seen there is a wide range of possibilities.

You have to express your feelings through different decorative elements and you can use them in all the spaces in your home, whether in the living room, the bedroom, or even the bathroom.
The essential thing is that you incorporate the decoration to your personal taste and style, and feel comfortable and at ease in your home.

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