10 tricks to save at home

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Saving is increasingly complicated and has become a priority task for many. And is that overpaying is never to anyone's taste.

Hence, more and more people look closely at the bills that arrive at the end of the month so that it does not translate into fewer euros in their pockets. How can we save?

  1. Optimizing the daily use of water. In everyday activities like brushing your teeth, turn off the tap while you're doing it, for example. And also wash everyday dishes, glasses and cutlery in the dishwasher instead of hand washing, which involves a greater use of water. With the dishwasher, you can save up to 30 liters of water per day.
  2. Save on electricity. The price of electricity has been on the headlines almost every day, since it has not stopped growing, reaching all-time highs. To save on electricity, what you can do is make the most of natural light during the day, use LED lights, make smart use of appliances or choose the rate that best suits your needs. For example, with the hourly discrimination rate, you will have a period in which energy is cheaper and another more expensive.
  3. Hiring a telephony rate that really suits your needs. To do this, you need to review the consumption on your monthly bill, and check if the service you have is the one that really suits your interests. For example, a converged pack includes fiber, mobile, fixed and TV, but the price can be more expensive. Here it is convenient to use comparison tools to see which is the most economical option, whether it is this or to contract separately what you need.

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  1. Getting a annual subscription to streaming platforms. This alternative is cheaper than the monthly subscription. For example, for sports fans, DAZN costs € 9,99 / month or € 99,99 / year. With this last option, you can save almost 20 euros compared to the monthly. The savings is similar to that of other video on demand platforms such as Amazon Prime Video. Here the price of the monthly subscription is € 4,99, while the annual subscription is € 36. In both cases, there is no commitment to stay, so you could unsubscribe at any time without penalty. It can also be cheaper if you subscribe by sharing the account with other people around you. For example, the Netflix Premium Plan costs € 15,99 / month and can be viewed on up to four devices at the same time, that is, if you share it, it would cost less than € 4 per month.
  2. Wait for key dates of the year like Black Friday to buy smartphones or technological devices, even other types of items.
  3. Do not wait for the last day before specific dates of the year such as Christmas dates, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day ... In any of these cases, always buy the item that we want to give away in advance to avoid the price becoming more expensive.

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  1. Avoid financing the purchases you make, since the interests to pay in a certain period of time can suppose a debt. In these cases, it is best to look at your pocket and see if we are financially able to face the acquisition of the item.
  2. Pay attention to the bank account to see that they do not charge you certain commissions for maintenance of any of their products, such as, for example, with cards or for making transfers to other entities.
  3. Be attentive to the different loyalty cards or offers offered by large supermarket chains such as Carrefour, Eroski, Club Día or Lidl, among others. This type of card can mean annual savings thanks to discounts on purchases, offers on some products or services such as gas stations, insurance or electricity and even add points or money to exchange them for some items.
  4. Try dispense with the use of the vehicle in your day-to-day. Whenever distances allow, walk to the sites or, where appropriate, use other types of transport such as bicycles or scooters. In fact, none of them generate gases that pollute the environment.

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