Types of wood flooring

Medium-toned platform

Many people choose wood when covering the floor of their house. However, there are many doubts when it comes to this type or class of soil, since many people often confuse them and do not know the characteristics of one or the other. Therefore, a wooden parquet is not the same as a laminate flooring.

In the following article we are going to help you dispel all those doubts and tell you clearly about the different types of wooden floors that you can find in the market and the characteristics of each one of them. The classification of wooden floors will be carried out according to the layers of wood that the floor has and according to the way in which it is going to be installed on the pavement. From there, you can choose the wooden floor that best suits your home and get the most out of it.

Wooden floors according to your own composition

Multilayer parquet

This kind of wooden floor is made up of several layers. The top layer is quite thick and can be up to 5mm thick. It is the highest quality layer of the floor and from here the parquet can have several more layers, but finer and of a lower quality. The lower layers of the parquet are intended to ensure that the floor is stable and can be walked on without any problem.

Laminate flooring

This class of soils are characterized by being composed of various layers of fibers. The upper part contains resin and other substances to make the floor quite resistant and withstand the passage of time well. In the market you can find a great variety of this type of flooring in terms of models and colors. Another of the great advantages is the fact that laminate floors are much cheaper than the famous wooden parquet and in addition to being quite resistant, they are very easy to clean and care for.

laminate flooring

Solid flooring

In this type of floor, the wood is solid and can be up to 20 mm thick. The big problem with solid flooring is that it is much more expensive than other types of wooden floors. This is due to the fact that the floor is exclusively made of wood, so it is a coating of enormous quality and with a spectacular finish that is unique at the same time.

Wooden floors depending on how they are installed on the pavement

The following classification refers to the way in which they are installed in a certain room of the house. To get the most out of this kind of flooring, you have to install them and put them in a proper way.

Parquet floor

If you choose to parquet the wooden floor, it must be said that it is a somewhat long process that can last up to a week. It is not easy to install, so it is important that the work is done by professionals who know what they are doing. This way of installing wood flooring is often used on solid decking or multi-layer parquet. It is true that the result is wonderful and the finish is unique, but remember that parquet flooring is the most difficult to lay in addition to the one that lasts the longest in time.

Flooring for home

Glued floor

When it comes to putting a wooden floor in a house, the gluing technique is the most common. However, little by little it has been falling into disuse due to the fact that over time the glued floor tends to present serious problems. The best thing about this method is that the finish of the floor itself is perfect and very eye-catching.

laminate flooring

Floating floor

The last way to install a wooden floor is through the floating method. In recent times, this method is the most used and most popular due to the success of laminate flooring when covering different types of flooring. The success of this type of installation is due to the fact that it is very simple to do and that anyone can with a minimum of DIY knowledge. All you have to do is carefully join the different wooden planks until you get the aforementioned laminate flooring.

Ultimately, the wooden floor is a wonderful option when covering the floor of any house. It is a fairly robust material with a perfect finish for any floor. As you have seen, the classification of these wooden floors will be carried out taking into account the installation method and according to the composition of the floor in question.

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