Uses of citronella in the home

Citronella plant

The use of medicinal plants in our day to day it has become commonplace, especially in those people who believe in natural remedies to end day-to-day problems. There are many types of plants that can be used for more than just decoration, so we can focus on them to discover their many uses at home.

La citronella is a plant that we all know for having great properties when it comes to repelling mosquitoes and other insects, although it has many other uses. Today we are going to see the uses in the home of the citronella plant, which has been used in many different ways for years.

What is citronella


Citronella is a grass plant that comes from tropical climates and that has several species. It is native to southern India and Sri Lanka and is very famous in Asian and Latin American countries. The best known in Europe comes from Chile, and it is a variety that resists cold quite well, hence it was more successful than others when imported, since the others need a warm climate to grow. However, today we can find citronella in many ways, such as in essential oils, to be used in a more practical way at home. This plant has a special aroma and has several uses that can be interesting for our home.

Citronella for mosquitoes

The accessories with citronella are familiar to everyone to repel mosquitoes, and it is that the best known property of this plant lies precisely in being able to repel these pesky insects that cause us so many bites during the summer season. The aroma of this plant has served for generations to prevent these mosquitoes from approaching us, so we have several ways to ensure that they do not bite us. It is a great alternative to less natural mosquito repellants and it is also easy to find in herbalists.

Ways to use citronella


We can have citronella in our home as a plant, since it is beautiful and provides a pleasant aroma. But it is also possible to find citronella in the form of an infusion, such as dried and cut herbs, to take advantage of its properties in the stomach. It is also possible to find this plant in the form of essential oil, which is the most useful way to take advantage of all its properties.

The aim of the essential oil we can have an excellent repellent that we will take everywhere. By applying a few drops on the skin we will already have a way to drive away those insects. Another way to do it is by mixing this essential oil with our usual cream. If we are one of those people prone to mosquito bites, it is a great idea to use this oil in creams in order to have more protection throughout the day, especially in times like summer or when traveling to tropical places.

In the market it is also possible to find other products made with citronella in order to repel insects, such as candles, incense or air fresheners. They all use the same base, the citronella plant with its characteristic aroma.

Citronella for the stomach

The properties of citronella do not end in its usefulness to repel mosquitoes. This plant is also very useful to kill Stomach problems and it has diuretic properties. It is possible to use the oil to massage the stomach in case of bloating, but it can also be used as an infusion, to ingest. This plant helps digestion and reduce gas and inflammation in the stomach, so it can be taken alone or combined with chamomile or other infusions for the stomach.

When not to use citronella

Although this is a good natural product, there are some occasions when we should not use it, especially essential oil. This oil should not be used before exposing ourselves to the sun because it can cause spots on the skin. In addition, it is an oil that can cause skin irritations in people who have dermatitis or very sensitive skin. Likewise, it should not be used on skin that is already irritated or we could aggravate the problem. It is also contraindicated in pregnant people.

How to grow citronella at home

If we like this plant and want to have a natural mosquito repellent at home, we will only have to try to grow citronella at home. This way we will have a decorative plant that at the same time helps to drive away mosquitoes. This plant grows quickly, it needs direct sun and regular watering. In this sense, it is an ideal plant for outdoor use, which we can leave in the garden, but which must be controlled because it tends to spread. It thrives much better in hot climates, although it can withstand colder climates as well.

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  1.   Vloyd said

    That's not Citronella, it's Lemon Geranium (Pelargonium radens). It is confused with the Cymbopogon better known as Lemon grass or "Zacate" lemon. The essential oil of Cymbopogon is known as "citronella", which is why Cymbopogon in English is known as "Lemon grass" or "Citronella grass", hence the confusion.

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