Uses of eggshells in your home and garden

eggshells at home

We are used to the fact that when we crack an egg to cook we throw the shells in the garbage and we are not aware of the number of uses that eggshells can have in our home and in our daily lives. Also, the eggs are beautifully shaped and to throw them away, wouldn't it be better to give them another useful use in our lives?

So if you are one of the people who think that eggshells are only to be thrown away or to decorate at Easter, you are not right, From today you will start to see how eggshells can be much more practical in your daily life.

Mini pots

Eggs can be mini pots for your home. Being small you can put them in any area of ​​your home. For example, you can put an egg carton on your windowsill or in the kitchen with mini potted eggs. To get it you just have to open the eggs carefully, rinse them inside once you have removed the content, and when they are dry fill them with soil as if they were mini pots. You can put it in a biodegradable seed dish and it will add a lot of calcium to your plants.

eggshells at home

Garden fertilizers

Eggshells can be a great fertilizer for your garden. If you don't know what a homemade fertilizer should have for your plants to grow healthy, then you should start saving all the egg shells you find because they will undoubtedly be your great ally. Eggshells contain calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. These nutrients are essential for plant health, which will mean that eggshells in the soil can be a great fertilizer. You can incorporate them directly into the ground or spread over the top of your garden beds. Although another way is to add it to a slow watering can to provide the nutrients to the soil.

Calcium supplement for tomatoes and zucchini

If you decorate your house with beautiful pots where you grow tomatoes (or the garden or your balcony) because in addition to being beautiful you like to eat tomatoes then you should know that the eggshell will be great for you. Both tomato plants and zucchini plants are prone to disease and rot. One of the biggest causes of this is because it rots from a lack of calcium. Adding the crushed eggshells to the ground when the plant has not yet hatched from seed is a good way to prevent tomato or zucchini plants from getting sick.

eggshells at home

Decorate the home

Eggshells can also help you decorate your home with some crafts. Some ideas to make with eggshells and decorate your home are:

  • Create candles on the inside of the eggshell once you have cleaned the inside. On the Internet you can find many tutorials that you will like to discover.
  • Paint the eggs to make decorative elements. Not only like when you do it at Easter, use your imagination and all your creativity to decorate the most original eggs.
  • Make a basket with painted eggshells (the eggs will be empty inside, when you open them do it with a small hole at the bottom).
  • Make mosaics out of the chopped and painted eggshells. You will be shocked by the results you can achieve! Even if you have children you can make crafts for the whole family to participate.

To make compost

If you still do not think that they are enough reasons to save the eggshells, I advise you at least not to continue throwing them away. Eggshells have a great value to create compost since it will enrich the soil and can supply the necessary nutrients for your garden. When you add the eggshells to the soil of your garden you will realize how there will be a before and after.

eggshells at home

No pests on your plants

Some gardeners claim that crushed eggshells are like a natural pesticide and help fight pests. Crushed eggshells can deter snails and slugs from the base of the plants, and if you use powdered eggshells, it is a very powerful natural pesticide. Fine dust can damage insect exoskeletons and that they leave so as not to return, and also, without the need to use chemical products either inside your home or outside.

Powerful cleaner

Eggshells have a place in your home as a cleaner. If the triturates will be able to collect the harder grease and dirt from the pots If you mix the crushed or powdered eggshells with warm soapy water it will still be more efficient and you will get more and better results.

Also and if it were littleor eggshells can help you clean the toughest dirt from the sink, the bathtub and even the tiles. They can act as a scrubbing agent when the peels are crushed into small particles and the best thing is that there is no associated risk as there could be in the use of chemicals. You just have to be careful not to use the eggshells to clean the glass as they could damage the surface.

eggshells at home

I'm sure that as you were reading the article you imagined how you could use these ideas in your home. As you can see, the egg is a good element to have at home and above all, to take advantage of all the qualities it has to give you. When you have the eggshells in your hands, it will never occur to you to throw them away again, or not at least most of them. Because now the eggshells can serve you for many uses that were previously unknown.

Which of all these ideas have you found most appropriate for your home?

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