Very Much has vases inspired by Ancient Rome


If you are looking for unique decoration ideas that perfectly match the atmosphere of Ancient Rome, look no further! Muy Mucho has a collection of decorative items that take you back in time, giving your home an antique look.

From vases and flowers to tableware, frames and mirrors, candles, cushions, everything you could need to incorporate into your home decor. You can choose accessories like ancient Roman-inspired vases to add a level of sophistication and retro style to any modern space.

First of all, we will mention that Muy Mucho is a Spanish company specialized in home decoration and It is currently one of the most recognized stores in Spain and Italy. Present in 33 countries around the world, sells objects with ancient Rome and its inspiration in the classical style.

Ancient Rome is a key part of Western society and the classical view remains firmly tied to it. This city influenced not only architecture and art, but also the fashion and way of life of the time. Nowadays, bringing a touch of Rome to your home has become an elegant way to design.

Services and advantages of Muy Mucho

Another attraction of Muy Mucho is its installation service. The store can supply and advise you to bring your designs to life at home.

Let us keep in mind that it is one of the most popular decoration stores in Europe and its global success is not at all coincidental, since it is one of the few stores that adapt its proposals to all the decoration needs of its customers.

In addition, its products are designed with the best materials and manufacturing, and its exclusive lines, such as Eden or the Azul collection, They have an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

Ancient Roman style in decoration


The architecture of Rome featured remarkable attention to detail, with magnificent domes and arches, and It was the key characteristic of Greco-Roman classicism of the time.

The same style is found in objects from the period; Sculptures were generally made of very rich materials, such as marble and bronze, and decorated with geometric figures, arabesques and representations of mythological characters.

The same goes for decoration; The elements were very refined, with rounded shapes and decorated with a series of elements to give a more elegant and original touch to the space. The color palette was very light, with some rustic tones and also many yellows, blues and greens and gold was present.

Next, we will explore the accessories that the store offers to decorate the home in this style and have some ideas to inspire you.

Decorative proposals in vases and accessories


One of Muy Mucho's most popular offerings is its collection of stylish objects from Ancient Rome. From functional furniture to decorative elements, they offer a wide variety of products with this design element.

One of the best-selling lines is the Edén Collection, where we find objects with a very elegant and suggestive touch such as: round iron tables, classic three-legged iron benches; coffee tables, chairs, hanging dividers and wall tapestries, in striking blue and gold tones.

Also, if you're looking for something a little more casual, The store also has a line of objects inspired by rustic Classicism, where the functionality of the objects is accompanied by an aura of timelessness.

Vases and flowers

vases-to-decorate-living room

Let's keep in mind that no assembly in terms of decoration in your home from ancient Rome It is incomplete without the presence of vases and flowers.

The Muy Mucho collection of vases is presented in a wide variety of materials, such as terracotta, metal, glass, porcelain and ceramics.


Their unique designs are inspired by ancient Roman motifs, making them perfect for easy integration into any room. Complete the look with fresh flowers, which not only evoke their beauty, but also give off a relaxing aroma.

ceramic-vase-very-very much.

Decorations with motifs

Motif decorations are a great way to celebrate ancient Roman architecture in your home without going overboard. From the ornate scrolls to the openwork, These delicate motifs are a standout element that cheerfully elevates the space.

Muy Mucho's collection of ornaments with motifs ranges from classic to contemporary, and comes in various materials such as metal, wood and mirrors. They can be used as independent pieces or combined with modern elements in a larger space with ease.

Meaningful inspiration

Muy Mucho's collection of decorative objects is inspired by ancient Roman objects that were very significant in their culture. Look for chairs with Roman arches, as well as tiles and murals with beautifully carved stone designs.

These objects are not only an eye-catching piece, but also serve as a reminder of the rich history and culture of the ancient Romans.

Ideal tips for home decoration

Home decorating should be a fun and enjoyable experience, and Muy Mucho has the Perfect tips to give you the look of ancient Rome, unique and sophisticated.


Start by adding vases and flowers of Roman inspiration to create a lovely focal point in a room. Add some decorative motifs, such as spiral decorations to picture frames, or mirrors, or fretwork, to create an elegant and charming atmosphere.


We have to take the fretwork into account when we are decorating in an ancient Roman style. You can apply it on floors, walls, incorporating textiles in curtains, cushions and decorative upholstery with these designs.


And if you really want to go one step further, incorporate some of the Roman-inspired pieces like chairs with arches and carved stones, columns, to give a touch of antiquity.

Finally, bringing the beauty of ancient Roman culture into your home does not require a large-scale reconstruction. Muy Mucho has the perfect collection of vases, flowers, decorative motifs and inspiration to help you create a charming space that is sure to be the envy of everyone.

It's a good time to start your journey to evoke the ancient Roman atmosphere, without having to travel back in time!
At Muy Mucho you will find all the accessories in all styles, from classic, timeless, contemporaries. Which are undoubtedly the best options when it comes to decorating and adding a totally different and very original touch to your spaces.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to add something different to your home, look no further, you will find everything you need in the store and you will be delighted with its furniture, decoration and services.

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