Watering the lawn in autumn


Many people think that the lawn should be cared for exclusively during the summer months, due to the high temperatures of that season. Nevertheless, with the arrival of autumn the grass must continue to be watered and treated as it happens in the summer season. Apart from cutting and fertilizing it, watering the lawn is key when it comes to keeping it in perfect condition for the rest of the year.

In the following article we give you the keys so that the lawn looks as good as it does throughout the summer months and why it is important to continue watering it during the fall season. 

Watering the lawn in autumn

First of all, it is important that you know that the lawn must continue to be watered during these autumn months and stop when the low temperatures arrive and the soil suffers from frost. In the event that the lawn freezes due to the cold, watering it is useless since said freezing acts as a barrier and does not allow the irrigation water to drain perfectly into the lawn. If, on the other hand, you live in a temperate zone and not too cold, it is advisable to water the lawn as you did during the summer.

In the winter months, nothing happens if you do not water the lawn, since the cold and low temperatures mean that it can survive and stay because they enter a state known as lethargy. The frozen water typical of the cold months, causes a barrier with the grass and makes it not need irrigation water when it comes to surviving and staying in perfect condition.

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The importance of watering the lawn in autumn

In the event that the lawn perfectly withstands low temperatures, the fall months are essential for it to grow and stay in great shape. Despite what many people may think, it is therefore important to take care of the lawn during these months. This growth occurs mainly in the part of the roots and underground. This is quite important so that later they can grow strongly with the arrival of good weather.

That is why watering during the autumn months is key for the optimal development of the lawn. Thanks to this irrigation, the grass will grow properly during the spring season and be able to look perfectly in summer. The lack of irrigation before the arrival of the cold, it causes the grass not to receive the necessary nutrients to survive during the winter months.

As we have already commented above, in the winter season, the lawn goes dormant and it survives thanks to the nutrients received with the irrigation carried out in autumn. Watering should be regular even though the temperatures are colder than those of the summer months.

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How to water your lawn in the fall

Watering the lawn is necessary and mandatory until the first frosts appear. You have to be very careful to water it properly and not go overboard with your own watering. Excess humidity is not good for the lawn as it can cause certain diseases that negatively affect its optimal growth.

In many cases, the rain that falls during this season is more than enough and it is not necessary to water the lawn. In any case, it is important to indicate that the irrigation must be the same as that carried out during the summer months. The time of day when you water is also of vital importance, especially when it comes to getting the aforementioned grass to grow without problems. The most advisable and advisable thing is to do it first thing in the day, so that the water dries without any problem before nightfall.


Experts advise against watering the lawn at night in any case, since excess water can harm the health of the lawn itself. To avoid possible problems, it is advisable to opt for an automatic irrigation system and program it to act first thing in the morning. It is the most comfortable and effective way when watering the lawn and being able to have it in this way in the best possible conditions.

Ultimately, it is important and essential to continue watering the lawn despite the arrival of the autumn months. Despite the low temperatures, water is essential for the roots to develop and obtain the necessary nutrients to cope with the long winter. Watering during the fall months keeps the lawn dormant and develops and grows smoothly with the arrival of spring.

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