Why it is much better to do renovations in summer

Painting walls

All experts agree that the best time to make reforms in the house is summer. There are many advantages: there is much more free time and more attention is devoted to the renovation or the fact of avoiding certain noise disturbances since there are many neighbors who are on vacation.

Many people make the great mistake of undertaking different works at home, repenting for it. Therefore, if you are thinking of doing some type of work in your home, whether large or small, do not hesitate to do it during these summer months.

The days are longer and there are more hours of light

It is not the same to make a reform in the middle of winter than during the summer. During these months the days are much longer and there are many hours of light, so the renovation is done in less time. This is quite an important fact not only for the fact of finishing earlier, but when it comes to saving a good pinch of money.

Be present during the works

The ideal is to take vacations during the time that the works of the house last and in this way, to be able to supervise them at all times, so as not to be surprised. It is not the same, therefore, to delegate such responsibility to the project manager, than to be aware of how the reform is progressing at all hours.


Less humidity

During the winter months, humidity is one of the dangers when carrying out a certain work inside the house. However, during the summer, humidity does not make an appearance, something that is perfect when working inside the house. The end result is usually much better and it is something that is appreciated. Apart from this, the fact that it hardly rains in summer is good when it comes to carrying out some kind of reform on the outside of the house.

Easier cleaning jobs

When finishing any type of reform in the house, it is time to clean so that everything is perfect. In winter, many times it is difficult to do it due to the rain. However, in the summer months, the person can open all the windows of his house so that the drying is carried out in the shortest possible time and the possible odors originating from the work disappear.


To paint the house

If you are thinking of painting part or the whole house to give it a new look, it is important to do it during the summer. The weather in summer is much more stable than in winter. There are all advantages of painting a house in summer, from getting it to dry much faster to being able to eliminate possible paint odors. Apart from this, the summer has many more hours of light so it is painted in much less time than in the winter months.

Put new windows

Other reforms that you can carry out during the summer months, is to put new windows in some of the rooms of the house. Good airtight windows are key when it comes to saving on the electricity bill. Whether in winter with heating, whether in summer with air conditioning, the important thing is to have windows that contribute to having a suitable environment.

home renovation

Installation of awnings

Another of the works that you can and should do in your home during the summer is to install an awning. With the arrival of heat, it is essential to put a good awning on the outside of the house and get as much shade as possible to combat high temperatures.

Put mosquito nets

One of the great fears for many people in summer is the annoying mosquitoes. There is a great fear to open the windows due to the fact that mosquitoes enter the house, despite how hot it may be in the house. Experts advise taking advantage of the summer months to be able to install mosquito nets in the different rooms of the house and avoid the dreaded bites of such insects.

In short, if you have to do some kind of reform or work in the house, the summer months are the best for it. There are many advantages and few cons of undertaking some type of work at home. If you have a lot of free time thanks to the summer holidays, you can choose to reform the entire house or simply some of the rooms in the aforementioned house. Remember that it is ideal and quite advisable to paint the house in the middle of summer, since in winter there are many disadvantages and it is not worth it.

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