Arches to separate rooms, dispense with doors!

Use arches to separate environments

Mobile partitions, paneled glass structures, shelves ... there are many ways that we have contemplated in Decoora to separate environments without the need to erect walls. However, we still have alternatives to explore. The arches, for example, are an excellent proposal to separate environments without losing visibility between one space and another.

What is a bow? In a simple way, we could define it as a curved structural element that saves the open space between two pillars or walls. Using this structural element we can separate the kitchen from the dining room, the bedroom from the dressing room, the hall from the living room… The possibilities are endless.

Why a bow?

The sensation that we perceive when passing through an arch is that of entering or leaving a room, similar to the one we perceive when passing through a door. With an arch the environments are also visually divided. However, unlike what happens with doors, the fluidity is not broken.

It is possible to separate environments with beautiful arches

This feature makes the arches a great option when we want to create different environments in an open space large. The arch will allow us to visually communicate these spaces, providing us with a certain intimacy in each of them. In addition, it will make it easier for light to circulate freely from one space to another, which will contribute together with the continuity that the use of the same floor will provide in both, making them appear more spacious.

The arches are also striking structural elements that increase the value of our home. Visually they are elegant and fit into environments of various styles, although it is the classic, rustic and Mediterranean that best receive them, depending on whether they are tucked in with plaster, wood or ceramic moldings.

Bows can be made with different materials

So we can say that bows serve different purposes that can be nuanced by playing both with the larger or less opening of the same, and with its finish:

  • They visually communicate the spaces.
  • They provide some privacy to each of them.
  • They allow the passage of light.
  • They provide a sense of continuity that contributes to visually enlarge each of the differentiated environments.
  • They are artistically elegant and add value.

The light of the arc

It is known as the light of the arch to the distance that exists between the two walls that support it.. A distance with which we can play to achieve greater visual amplitude, greater intimacy or better ventilation between both spaces. It will depend on our wishes or priority to determine that number, which must then be approved by an architect. And it is when it comes to modifying the structure of a building, you cannot always do what you want.

A lot of light enters through an arch

When our desire is to connect two spaces that were previously closed, a narrow arch can satisfy us. To visually connect both spaces, however, it will be necessary to expand the light. What do we want to see from the other space? Asking ourselves that question will help us determine the light. Another case is possible; that we want to create a certain division in a large space to make it more welcoming but we do not worry about the privacy of each one of them. So, we can make the arch almost wall to wall, reducing the walls.

Environments that we can separate with an arch

Although I have already mentioned at the beginning of this article different environments that can be separated with arches, I want to highlight those proposals that have caught my attention the most and reflect them in images. With this I intend that you have a clearer idea of ​​how to use the arches to improve the fluidity of your home. Inspire you, in short.

The hall

When the hall is very long, an arch can help us to make it much more attractive.. Incorporating it will also allow us to decorate each area of ​​the entrance individually. A practical way to do this is to reserve a first space to receive. A space decorated preferably in a diaphanous way with a console and a plant where at least four people can meet. After the arch, a second area could be used for storage, placing a closet in which to leave coats, accessories and shoes.

The arches fit well between a hall and the living room

In the hall an arch can also be used to mark the way to the living room, the main room of the house and the one in which we usually meet with the guests. From the hall, at a glance, they will be able to locate the room without having to point the way.

Dining room

Opening the kitchen to the dining room through arches is another of the proposals with the greatest demand. And it is not difficult to understand why. Being able to move food to the table without obstacles is very practical. In addition, the arch allows those who cook not to be isolated - if they don't want to - from the rest of the people with whom they are going to share the month.

Arches help separate kitchen from dining room

It is also common to open the dining room to the living room in this way. Because we all know that after lunch and the corresponding gathering, we usually move to the living room to get a good place on the sofa. Maybe not everyone, but a quick nap on the couch feels great for many.

The bedroom

When the home is very small and creating a closed bedroom means compromising the size of an important space such as the living room, arches become a great option to separate environments. You can find them in many Mediterranean-style apartments, in which the bedroom occupies the space that the bed occupies. In the case in which you want to enjoy greater privacy, in addition, it will only be necessary to incorporate a curtain like the one in the image.

The arches look good in the bedroom In addition, arches in the bedroom can help you separate this from the bathroom, walk-in closet or workspace. These last two bets are my favorites. When you do not have a large space to put a workspace at home, stealing a piece from the bedroom can be a solution. The arch will provide privacy for those who work and allow those who want to sleep to rest.

Do you like arches as a decorative element?

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