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Remove wallpaper from wall

Wallpaper is a very useful decorative tool to be able to enjoy a versatile and original decoration. However, on occasion we may have the opportunity to have to remove wallpaper of a room and for that, we are going to explain how it is done.

In times past decorate walls with wallpaper It was quite a regular and today this technique is still used in many homes thanks to all the advantages it provides.

Where to use the wallpaper

Living room with wallpaper

You can use the wallpaper for any room in your home except in the bathroom and in the kitchen. In the bathroom it is not suitable because of the humidity (it would easily deteriorate) and in the kitchen due to the smells of food it is not advisable to put wallpaper. But instead, yes you can use it for any room you prefer as your bedroom, the living room, the hall, the children's bedroom and you can even use the wallpaper to decorate the walls of the hallways.

headboard with wallpaper
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You can even use the wallpaper to renovate old furniture that you want to restore and that you want to give an original and totally different touch. Thanks to the large number of designs and textures that you can find both in physical stores and in online stores, you will have no problem finding the wallpaper that best suits you, either for the walls or to renew your furniture.

A versatile tool

The good thing about wallpaper in addition to its versatility in decoration thanks to the number of different designs that you can find in the market (and that can be perfectly adapted to your decorative style), is that if you get tired after a while of having been decorating a room with a specific wallpaper, you can change it for a different one without much effort.

This is one reason why people choose wallpaper to decorate their homes, because if they get tired, they will only have to choose another wallpaper, remove the old one and add the new one. It is a much cheaper and easier way to renew rooms (or old furniture) from time to time. You can think of a different wallpaper for each season if necessary!

Change or remove wallpaper

Remove wallpaper

If we have tired of wallpaper that we have in some area of ​​the house, and we want change it or paint the wall, first of all we will have to remove the paper that we have. For this I want to give you some little tips so that this task is easier and does not become a long and tedious adventure.

The main trick is in moisten the paper enough so that it comes off easily from the wall without starting the plaster or leaving small pieces stuck, for this we can use different methods:

  • Soapy water: The simplest and cheapest way is to prepare a bucket of warm or warm water with detergent and apply it with a roller or a large brush on the wallpaper. We let it act for a few minutes, or until we see that it has begun to soften and then with the help of a spatula we can begin to peel it off.
  • Temple: Following the same technique as the use of soapy water, we must apply temper on our wallpapered wall with a roller or a brush, and wait for it to soften before starting to tear off the paper.
  • Steam stripper: the most professional option we have is the use of a steam stripper, it is a small electric machine that heats the water in a tank and turns it into steam. This is applied on the wall with a kind of iron that is applied on the wall to soften and detach the glue. At the same time that the steam is applied, the paper must be peeled off with the spatula.

With any of these methods, it must be taken into account that the plaster under the wallpaper will soften, so afterwards it will have to be allowed to air out so that it does not suffer damage.

Remove wallpaper step by step

Remove wallpaper with scraper

Although in the previous point I tell you how to remove the wallpaper, below I want to talk to you about a step by step so that you can remove it without problems and without it being too complicated a job. For this step by step you will need:

  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Old fabrics for the floor
  • A pencil
  • Solvent to remove wallpaper
  • A tool for scratching the wallpaper
  • A spray bottle
  • A cloth
  • A spatula
  • A sponge

Step by step to remove wallpaper

Floral wallpaper in pastel tones

  1. Lay old fabrics on the floor so that everything you remove from the wall will fall. Remove the switch plates and electrical outlets from the walls. Cut off the power of the room where you are going to remove the wallpaper.
  2. Use a pencil to create small holes in the wall paper so that the solution penetrates easily through the adhesive part.
  3. There are commercially prepared solutions for removing wallpaper, but you can also use hot solvent water to remove the wallpaper. Put the solution in the spray bottle. The water needs to be hot so it is ideal that you mix the solution in small amounts.
  4. Use the spray bottle to soak the wall and be able to remove wallpaper easily, but you will need to let the water be on the wall for about 15 minutes before removing the wallpaper.
  5. Grab the wallpaper from a lower corner and pull up. Use a wide putty knife to make removing the paper easier. Repeat the steps above until you have completely removed all of the paper.
  6. In a bucket, mix a tablespoon of dish detergent with very hot water and with a sponge clean the walls thoroughly to remove all traces of adhesive from the wallpaper. Lastly, rinse the walls with clean water and pat dry with a towel.

Remove wallpaper without water

If you don't want to use water to remove wallpaper, don't miss this way to remove it with a steam engine. Thanks to Carol's YouTube channel fairies and couscous we can see this great step by step without many complications. Do not miss it!

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  1.   Kaffeine wallpaper said

    Great post! Although I would like to point out that this is true for most wallpapers, there is one type of material that does not require as much work. It is called non wowen or non-woven paper. It has the particularity that it is very easy to put on since you only have to glue the wall, not the paper, and very easy to remove. As easy as lifting a corner and pulling out. No water, no scrapers, no machines, Quick and easy.


  2.   Massimo bassi said

    Congratulations on the article. Beautiful photos.