3 ways to incorporate pastel pink into your bedroom

Ways to incorporate pastel pink into your bedroom

Do you like pink tones? If you have always thought that a touch of pink would look fantastic in your bedroom but until now you have not dared to incorporate it, keep reading! In Decoora today we share three ways to incorporate pastel pink into your bedroom which we are sure will help you decide.

Pastel tones are, in general, very suitable for creating serene and relaxed environments like what is expected in a bedroom. Pink, specifically, suggests security and confidence and brings romanticism to the room. Discover how to combine it and how to incorporate it into your bedroom.

On the wall

Painting the walls pink may seem like a long shot, but it rarely goes wrong. In a bedroom decorated with a neutral color palette of which whites and earth tones be protagonists, pink fits perfectly as you can see in the following images.

If painting all the walls pink seems too pink to you, you can try paint them only up to two thirds of their height. It is a very interesting choice if you want the bedroom ceilings to appear higher. Why? Because the feeling of continuity that you will achieve by painting the last third and the ceiling in the same colour, in this case white, will reinforce the idea.

Are you still not daring with all the walls? Paint only the main wall, the one on which the headboard of the bed rests. You can do it from top to bottom or do it up to a little beyond the height of the headboard.

in the bedding

The bedding is definitely a more subtle way to incorporate pastel pink into your bedroom. Less drastic and safer, if you have doubts, due to the ease with which it is possible to reverse the color change. A duvet cover or some pillows, in addition, will not suppose a great outlay financially.

You are probably wondering What colors can you combine pink with? on the bed so it doesn't turn out too pink. There are obvious answers like white, but if you want to go further, below we share with you what we believe are the most interesting bets:

  • A pink duvet cover in contrast with some white sheets and pillows They will bring a serene, fresh and modern touch to the bedroom.
  • earth colors, as we have already mentioned above, they also complement the pastel pink very well. Brown, reddish and orange tones will also bring a lot of warmth to the room, something especially interesting if the white color dominates it.
  • A vibrant color like yellowIt will bring light to the room. It is a great complement to the pale pink color to decorate creative and/or youthful spaces. And just a blanket on the quilt or some small pillows to make it stand out. Too flashy? Bet on the mustard.
  • Forest greens, pine or emerald They exert a great contrast with the pale pink. Its combination is daring but harmonious, perfect for decorating both bedrooms and family spaces.

You can bet on plain bedding and combine two and even three different tones or integrate the different tones in a stamped piece. Duvet covers, bedspreads and pillows with ethnic, tropical or floral prints are a great choice for this. You will achieve a more dynamic bedroom and draw attention to the bed if you have not used patterns anywhere else in the room.

In the rug

Textiles are a great alternative to give color to a room. When we talk about textiles, bedding is the first alternative that comes to mind, but why not a rug? The pink tones are not strange in the carpets, what's more, in some types of carpets they are quite common.

oriental rugs, for example, often present soft pink tones often combined with others such as purples, reds and/or blues. Now you can also find it in modern rugs with defined motifs in combination with blue, green and/or yellow.

If your bedroom is spacious and decorated in neutral colors, we encourage you to place a big pink rug like the ones in the photos. A rug that covers the space occupied by the bed and fences beyond, always allowing the wood of the floor to breathe around it.

Is the bedroom small? If so, it will be preferable that you place one or two smaller ones on each side of the bed. Ideally, no furniture, apart from the bed, rests on them. Why? So that the feeling of space is greater.

Which of these three ways to incorporate pastel pink into your bedroom do you like the most? In Decoora We love the idea of ​​painting the main wall pink and also adding touches of this color to the bedding.

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