5 bathroom trends 2023 that you will want to incorporate into yours

Trends in bathrooms 2023

You'll reform your bathroom soon? Do you want to change it from top to bottom? Don't do anything before you take a look at the five bathroom trends 2023 that we share today because we are sure that you will want to incorporate some into your design.

There are numerous bathroom trends for this 2023 that we could talk about, but we have decided to only do it with our favorites. Of those that we believe will have greater relevance and that you can incorporate into your bathroom whether you reform it completely or not. And it is that many times it is enough to change the appropriate details to update it.

Natural materials and colors

It is not new, for years there has been a tendency to bet on warm and organic combinations in our homes in order to achieve more natural spaces. And this trend has now reached the bathrooms through a set of materials, finishes, colors and shapes.

Natural materials and colors in the bathroom

1.Mooi Design, 2. is

Combinations of white and wood will continue to enjoy great popularity, nuanced with black accents in taps and lamps. AND neutral tones like sand, that bring warmth to the bathroom, will gain prominence.

The stone will also gain presence in the bathrooms. And not only as a wall tile, but also as a countertop in the sinks. We are not lying if we say that combining wood and stone in washbasin furniture is one of the proposals associated with this trend that we like the most.

curved silhouettes

Hen/Stag organic and sinuous shapes that we could include in the previous trend, are by themselves one of the most powerful bathroom trends of this 2023. It is known as the Bold trend and invites us to bet on curves, to fill everything with curves.

Rounded silhouettes, a trend in bathrooms

One of the star pieces to do so will be the bathtub. Free-standing bathtubs with rounded shapes They will give our bathrooms that feeling of a luxury spa that many of us aspire to. And I say we aspire because it takes a generous budget and a bathroom with considerable dimensions to install one if we do not want to give up the shower.

It is undeniable that bathtubs of this type add elegance and foster a space in which it is easy to relax, but should we give up this trend because we cannot put one? Of course not! Un free-standing sink, a stool, a mirror and even a rug with rounded shapes can also help you incorporate this trend into your bathroom.

full color sinks

The sink area is almost always the first one we see when we enter a bathroom, so it is convenient to pay attention to its design and draw attention to it. And betting on sinks in full color is, in addition to a brilliant idea, a way to update the bathroom.

colored sinks

1. SPOT washbasin of Hydrobox, 2. round ceramic washbasin Matte green by Leniso

Color-free washbasins are a fantastic tool for decorating toilets because they easily add a touch of interest to a very small space and therefore limiting when thinking about its design. But they are also a great proposal in two-by-two main bathrooms.

Hen/Stag pastel shades such as pink or green They are the favorites when it comes to incorporating this trend into the bathroom, but there are more daring proposals on the market in these same colors and others.

marble fronts

Marble is an elegant and sophisticated stone often used to give prominence to certain elements in a room. And this year it will have a great presence in the decoration of the bathrooms, covering walls, floors and even furniture.

It is a material available in different colors, with different textures and finishes. A strong and durable material, but also expensive. However, you do not have to use it in the entire bathroom, you can do it in front of the sink, in the shower, on the floors or on the countertops and combine it with other neutral and smooth materials that do not steal the show.

vinyl murals

One way of completely renew the look of your bathroom without investing much time or money is to bet on vinyl murals. There are also countless styles and patterns so it will always be possible to find one that fits your tastes, personalities and space.

Vinyl murals to brighten up the bathroom

Murals of Forest Homes

Until four days ago and due to the high degree of humidity in bathrooms, this type of covering was ruled out, but everything is progressing and today it is possible to find high-quality vinyl to transform this room in the house. Washable vinyl with high resistance and in which the inks are not easily damaged.

It is one of the bathroom trends for this 2023 and one of the ones that generates the greatest visual impact. In addition, it returns us to the first point, since it is the natural murals that will enjoy greater prominence, specifically those with floral and/or tropical motifs.

Which of these 2023 bathroom trends would you be willing to incorporate into your bathroom?

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