7 ideas to make the bathroom of a flat for rent more attractive

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Do you live for rent? Nowadays, it is more and more frequent that the answer is affirmative. There are many of us who live for rent and although doing so has its advantages, it also has some drawbacks. One of them is not being able make our space, although there are always tricks to achieve it. To test the ideas for make the bathroom more attractive of a flat for rent that we propose today.

And it is because we have a short contract and It's not worth it to make big changes or because the owners do not allow us, in a rented apartment we sometimes find ourselves tied hand and foot. Small changes, however, can go a long way in transforming a space without spending large sums of money. Discover them!

Lay vinyl flooring

Hate the bathroom floor? Changing the floor will transform an entire room. Doing it in the bathroom, however, can be a big investment. Or not, because there are cheap materials whose installation is not only simple but also reversible, that they can do us a great service for a few years.

Vinyl flooring
We talk about vinyl floors of average quality. You will find them with adhesive systems, but also with comfortable click systems like the one in the image above. Available in different formats, they are a great alternative to change the image of the bathroom quickly. Keep in mind that the bathroom is a room with a lot of humidity and that the ideal would be to bet on vinyl designed for this. It is one thing to reduce investment and another to be a disappointment in the very short term.

Improve lighting

Nothing can look good if there is not good lighting. It is true that in certain things it is better not to see much but remember, we are taking care of it! modernize the lamp and the sconces, which without the owner's consent you will have to keep in a closet until you leave the apartment, will mean a great change. Also a great investment, so weigh it according to your circumstances.

how to light small bathrooms

change the mirror

One of the most important accessories in the bathroom is the mirror. If you don't like it, it can be very frustrating, since it is the first thing we usually see when entering the room. Do you have the possibility to change it? If the mirror is hanging, you have it! Change it for a trendy one, round and with a discreet frame so that in addition to improving the bathroom aesthetically, you multiply the feeling of space and light in it.

Can't change the mirror? Well you can still do something to change your appearance like putting a fake frame in it if you don't have one or using adhesives on the old frame. What do you think?

Add storage solutions

Another of the ideas to make the bathroom more attractive that can also make it much more functional is to add storage solutions. If you have come across a completely bare bathroom in which you don't know where to put things, this is what you need!

Incorporates new economic storage solutions
You can place some shelves; there are some for which You won't even need to drill holes in the wall. Trolleys or maids are also a great ally and will always be practical if not in the bathroom, in any other room in the house. And if you are looking for something very cheap, why not incorporate some baskets? Hang them on the wall and you'll have room for all your toiletries.

Give the shower a face lift

Does the bathroom have no screen? Do you have it but is it very ugly? Putting a screen is one of those investments that is worthwhile if you have a relatively long rental contract. If not however, a good cleaning and a new shower curtain they will have to serve as a solution.

Shower curtains can add a lot of personality and color to a space, but they can also cover what we don't want to be seen. In the shower area it can also help you look better clean the joints and bleach them. Try it!

put some picture

The wall is ugly but you can't touch the tile? Hanging pictures then becomes a great idea to make the bathroom more attractive. Try to get them to say something about you, about what you like... and get hold of adhesive strips to hang on the wall. There are and they are very good.

Pictures and plants in the bathroom

make room for plants

Plants improve any space, which is why I like to place them in all rooms. They bring freshness and color and they have a great power of transformation in spaces that are a priori bland. The only thing is that they need light to develop, so you will need your bathroom to have at least one window for it. Plants such as zamioculcas or pothos that do not need much light or much care would be ideal for decorating the room.

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