7 original ideas to decorate your home this spring

home decor in spring

We are already immersed in spring, the days are longer and we want to go for a walk and enjoy the good weather. It is also noticeable in our personality and in the mood of people, who suddenly feel happier and with greater vitality, Spring is here! But one way to celebrate that spring is already in our lives is to decorate your home to achieve good results.

A way to decorate the home when spring arrives, in addition to taking into account the bright and vivid colors, it will also be important to keep in mind any decoration of the floral type. Flowers bring joy and vitality to our homes and make us feel good. In addition, its aroma is great for the environment and its ideal colors to match the decoration ... but to decorate in spring with flowers, you can have many different ideas.

1. Flowers in glass vases

The flowers in glass vases are an ideal decoration for the whole year, but it is especially elegant for when spring arrives and the colors on the street are even more vivid. You can choose the flowers that you like the most to decorate the rooms of your home and that are accompanied by clear glass vases to make the water look good. If you like other colored materials, you can also use it but if it has the characteristic of transparency it would be a good idea because that way you can see the water and the interior.

home decor in spring

2. Backsplash in flower kitchen

If you want to have a kitchen protected from splashes you can choose to choose a backsplash with flower and spring motifs, from this so you can feel spring in your kitchen every time you do the dishes or are cooking. And it is also very practical!

3. Works of art with flowers

The works of art with flowers as protagonists have a particular charm. If you like to paint, you don't need to buy it, you can be the one to paint a beautiful painting with flowers and then hang it on the wall you like the most in your home. If you are not good at painting, you can order it from a well-known painter to tell him exactly how you want it or buy it ready-made.

home decor in spring

Another way to make works of art with flowers and that is even easier is with nature itself, but with still life. For example, you can choose beautiful flowers from nature and dry them (inside a book) and then place them inside a beautiful painting. Once you have everything on you will only have to make beautiful compositions to make them look good on your wall. You can put a single large painting or make a nice composition with several small paintings, you choose!

4. Cushions with flowers

The cushions are ideal for decorating rooms such as the living room (on the sofa) or in the bedroom (on the bed). An original idea to be able to decorate with flowers in spring is to choose cushions with flower designs, floral patterns and bright colors to fill the room with joy. You can choose several and have even or odd cushions that you combine with the others that you already have in your home, so they will not clash and will be great for this time of year.

5. Wallpaper

The good thing about wallpaper is that you can enjoy it for as long as you want and when you get tired, you will only have to remove it or change it for another that is more suited to your tastes and interests at that particular moment. So, when spring comes the wallpaper is ideal for looking for floral motifs and make the stay you choose, become a place of the most spring.

home decor in spring

Wallpaper gives you many options so you can decorate with this material in the room you prefer. For example, you can use it to decorate the entrance of your home, the hall, the children's bedroom, your bedroom, the living room ... where you like it the most! You will only have to avoid using the wallpaper (if it is not treated for humid areas) for places such as the bathroom or kitchen to prevent it from spoiling prematurely.

And one way I like to use wallpaper is by covering antique furniture. so they look new and have a much more personalized touch. Lining the doors of a closet, a drawer ... isn't that a brilliant idea?

6. Add the lilac to the decoration

An indirect way of being able to enjoy the spring feeling if you want to do without flowers is by adding lilac to the decoration. Unconsciously this color connects us with the spiritual world, with nature and with ourselves.. Lilacs are great flowers and ideal for home decoration, but their color can be a great bet for this time of year, as well as being cozy and will make you feel very good.

One way to include lilac in the decoration of your home is, for example, choosing textiles with this color and combining them with others that go very well such as sky blue, lime green or white. You can also use the decorative accessories to add this pretty color and even paint the walls or an accent wall. If you like this color, do not hesitate to use it at this time of year (and whenever you want).

home decor in spring

7. Add the color pink

If there is another spring color that reminds us of flowers, this color is undoubtedly pink. It is a tonality that helps the rooms look much more spacious and brighter, something that we love in spring. Pastel pink is the most suitable thanks to its clarity and its ease of combining with other spring colors (like green, yellow or white). You can use this color to decorate walls, textiles, decorative accessories ... and in the room that you like to spend the time the most!

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