How to transform a children's room into a youth room

Transform children's bedroom into youth

Have your children grown up and but their bedroom hasn't done it with them? As children grow and develop change their tastes and preferences but also your needs. And that space decorated in bright colors and invaded by toys is no longer useful to them. And how to transform a children's room into a youth room?

The ideal thing to undertake the transformation is to have the approval of the adolescent by incorporating colors and elements that reflect their personality. In addition, it will be necessary to provide them with a storage space and a study area suitable for her new needs. Below we explore the keys to adapt a children's bedroom to a youth one. Take note!

Give a new color to the walls

Agree with your child a color with which he feels identified to use it on the main wall It is something that is very convenient. Blacks, grays, dark blues, and pastel greens work very well in teen bedrooms and are colors that generally appeal to teens.

Colors for youth bedrooms

You can also consider using wallpaper or murals to add personality to the walls. Like paint, we recommend that you use these on the main wall, choosing a lighter neutral color for the rest of the walls.

Then you can look together for a accent color that combines with that and that is reflected in different elements such as bedding, small furniture or accessories. If any piece of furniture is very old but you want to reuse it, you can paint it this color and give it a second life.

Replace bedding

The bed is a very important element of the room, so changing the bedding makes it transform. Replace the covers with children's motifs with which you dressed the bed up to now with others more in line with their age. You can bet on a smooth duvet cover in that color that you chose as an accent or bet on a patterned one with geometric patterns.

Give the desktop a bigger role

Until now the bedroom was designed to satisfy your need for play, but the time has come to create a good study area to see you through your college years. The usual thing is to paste the desk to the wall, but depending on the distribution and size of the bedroom, you could also use it as a separation between different areas.

Regardless of the place it occupies, make sure it has a large work surface that allows you to place a computer and work comfortably on it. Plus, of course, storage space. storage for study supplies and adequate natural and artificial lighting.

How to adapt a children's bedroom to a youth one

Ikea youth bedrooms

Provide new storage systems

Transforming a children's room into a youth room means adapting it to the new needs of the now adolescents. And one of these new needs is usually increase storage space both for their clothes and for objects related to their hobbies and study supplies.

You can place an additional closet if you have space or bet on tall closed modules or shelves on the walls. The loft beds with drawers integrated are also a great ally to increase storage space, so if you were already thinking about changing it, do it now!

Youth bedroom

It incorporates some poufs

Teenagers live in their rooms; they rest, study and socialize in them. And it is important to provide them with adequate space for all this. We have just taken care of the bed and a little before we talked about the study area, so all that remains is to provide them with a corner in which to take refuge, get lost in social networks or Spend time with your friends.

Taking into account that the bedrooms have just enough space, a great alternative is to place a couple of poufs on the floor where they can sit or lie down. Today there are very comfortable poufs, like the ones you see in the image above, which are ideal for a youth room.

Add decorative elements that reflect your tastes and hobbies

The key to the success of a transformation from a children's room to a youth room is that its tenant likes it. Beyond functionality, you should also take care of aesthetics, since this will play a very important role in your opinion and in your relationships. let the bedroom reflect your tastes and passions.

If he likes skateboarding let him hang it in a preferred place on the wall. If he really enjoys reading, put up a bookshelf that he can fill with his favorite books. Do you want to hang pictures on the walls? Provide him with a cork or system so he can do it.

Involving your child in decision-making is a great idea, although not always the easy path. Mark the limits but enjoy and take advantage of your creativity so that the bedroom becomes a unique and personal space in which you love to be. Have fun together!

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