Today's sofa beds, comfortable and beautiful

Comfortable sofa beds

Looking comfortable sofa beds? Sofa beds have always had a reputation for being uncomfortable furniture to sleep on and unaesthetic to be in our living-dining room. Today you can find excellent models on the market that are easily manipulated and that fit in all decorations. That is why they are an ideal option for houses with space problems.

When choosing your ideal sofa bed, you must take into account that it fits with the decoration of where you are going to locate it (living room or secondary room) and its opening system, because obviously they do not occupy the same when they are closed than open. Therefore, we are going to see what are the comfortable sofa beds that you can buy taking into account the different models and types that exist today.

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Comfortable sofa beds

Comfortable sofa bed

Years ago we had the idea that comfortable sofa beds they did not exist. It was not the first time that we went to a relative's house and we had to sleep in a place like this. Without a doubt, the night was not very comfortable. But today they have evolved a lot. It is true that mattresses tend to be simple and therefore a bit white. Although within all the options we have, comfort will be more present than we think.

  • What use are you going to give it?: First of all, you have to think about the use you are going to give it. If you think you can use it more as a sofa than a bed, then a simpler and cheaper one will do the best job for you. But if you opt for a model like this to use it regularly, it is better to invest a little more. The materials, as well as the mattress itself, will make a difference when it comes to lying on it.
  • Opening and closing system: In addition, comfortable sofa beds also need to have a simple opening and closing system. More than anything because we don't want to spend a lot of time opening it. If we need it frequently, we will appreciate it. So, when buying it, make sure it is something easy to convert.
  • Space: When we have a reduced space, then we can opt for a click-clack style sofa that we have also discussed. It must be said that they are quite comfortable, since despite having a not very thick mattress, it does not deform either and will adapt to your body perfectly.
  • Mattress size: For comfort to be the great strength of the sofa, we have to look at the width of the mattress. The important thing is that it is spacious because it will make things easier for us when we have guests. In addition, we can place the sheets that we can also use on the other beds in the house and not have to buy special measures for the sofa bed.

If when it comes to talking about comfort, everything counts. It is not only when lying down to rest, but also when sitting on it. Comfortable sofa beds have to have the above options to say that they will really be functional.

Large and comfortable sofas

The double sofa beds

Double sofa bed

When we talk about large comfortable sofas, we have to think of a slightly broader version of all of them. That is why sofas that have a queen size bed they will be one of the best options. Do not think that due to the dimensions of the mattress, the sofa itself has to be very large. You can find them in different ways, but most of them will have that two- or three-seater armchair finish that we all know. The bed is usually stored already made, which will also facilitate our work.

Sofa beds for one person

Single sofa bed

If you are clear that what you need are comfortable and spacious sofa beds but for a single person, you can also have them. Without a doubt, at Ikea you will find unique models. A priori it may seem a bit small, but when it comes to turn it into a mattress it will be perfect for your comfort. In this way, a guest will always be welcome and for as long as he wants.

Chaise longue style sofa bed

Chaise longue sofa

Another of those that offer us a lot of breadth are the chaise longue style sofas. In addition to the fact that when they are closed, they are perfect to fit in both living rooms and smaller rooms. You can place them in certain corners while you take advantage of the space and give a new look to your decoration. Still don't have one at home?

Sofas with two beds

At the same time as spaciousness, they also offer us more space. The sofas with two beds they are perfect because, in most cases, we don't have to fully extend it. It has independent parts depending on what we need. The independence of this type of sofas is something to take into account. What would yours be?

Types of sofas

There are several types:

sofa beds

The traditional dropdown, which may have a foam, latex or spring mattress and that you should ask at the store if it can be folded with the bedding on and if its cushions stick when unfolding.

sofa beds

The futon type, cheap, modern and suitable for any current decoration. When you buy it, make sure that it does not slip when sitting, that it has a cover and that its division allows you to sleep comfortably. If you are looking for the best, choose it with a beech structure.

sofa beds

Click-clack sofa: simple and cheap. Ideal for youth decorations and sporadic uses, they are large and with a folding backrest with which it simply becomes a bed.

sofa beds

Sofa-bed with hidden drawer. With the same folding backrest as the previous ones, but smaller and more comfortable because they have a removable drawer underneath that allows the mattress to be extended to form the bed. They are a good option for secondary rooms.

sofa beds

Also exist other less common but very interesting sofa bed models in its conception, such as the two single beds, the convertible into a bunk bed and the sofa-trundle.

Have you recently bought comfortable sofa beds? Tell us which model and what you liked the most about it.

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