What colors will be trending in 2023?

2023 colors

It is a reality that color is an essential part of decorating a house. Different shades can help make a room appear brighter or more spacious. In recent years, the favorite and most popular colors have been those related to the world of nature, such as the wide range of greens.

There is no doubt that there is a relationship with the sensations when opting for one type of color or another. Another series of shades that never go out of style over the years are the wide range of whites. In the following article we show you the trends for 2023 in terms of colors.

What kind of colors will be in fashion during 2023

When it comes to color trends for next year, 3 large groups can be made:

  • A first group of colors will seek simplicity together with the serenity of the house. They are warm and soft colors as is the case of soft green.
  • The second group refers to the world of nature and it will include different relaxing green tones. Earth tones are present in this group.
  • The third group evokes nostalgia and includes bright and intense colors as is the case with red.

timeless shades

These types of colors seek a decoration based on simplicity and simplicity, in order to achieve a home environment that is calm and relaxing. To achieve this, you can choose between off-white or a soft green without forgetting a color like terracotta.

Soft green tones combine perfectly with a decorative style such as japandi. White colors are also perfect when it comes to achieving peace and tranquility throughout the house. A shade like the softest orange also combines perfectly with natural materials like wood.

When it comes to seamlessly integrating this kind of soft tones or colors inside the house, You can choose natural elements or irregular furniture.

colors year 2023

Earthy and natural tones

Throughout 2023, different colors reminiscent of nature will be in fashion. Within this range, warm earth colors, greens, soft yellows and oranges will predominate. When referring to the colors of nature, a hue such as earth is also included.

You can opt for furniture that is brown in color to use in the kitchen. This color must be used in a moderate way and not exceed it. This tonality will manage to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The ocher color is another of those that will be in fashion throughout the coming year. You can use it on the walls of the room of the house that you prefer. The important thing about this type of tones is to create a type of environment that is reminiscent of nature.

Regarding the combination of this range of colors, it must be said that earth tones go very well with natural elements. In this way you can combine them with wood or ceramic. Do not forget to use many plants to enhance the natural environment typical of these earth tones.

fashion colors 2023

bold and vivid colors

If what you are looking for is something more risky and daring when it comes to decorating the house, We advise you to opt for more intense shades such as red or blue. In 2023, the most intense red will be in fashion to achieve an atmosphere with a lot of vitality in the house, as well as achieving more personality.

Bold, bold colors are perfect when it comes to highlighting large decorative pieces or accessories with personality. In this way you can choose to use bright colors such as red or blue and combine them with a large sofa or a large painting. The contrast obtained with slightly darker tones is perfect when it comes to achieving a wonderful decoration. This type of intense tonality also combines very well with accessories or vintage-style pieces.

2023 color trends

In short, these are the shades that will set the trend throughout 2023. If you want to be up to date, do not hesitate to paint the rooms of the house with one of the colors described above. As you have seen, there are shades for all tastes, from the lightest green to earth tones or more daring and intense colors. The important thing is to choose the right color and combine it perfectly to achieve a current and unique decoration.

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