A bougainvillea in your patio or garden


Bougainvilleas bloom in abundance throughout the summer, becoming quite a show. They cover facades, walls and pergolas with some delicate flowers that depending on the species can be white, red, yellow, pink ... Surely you have seen them and you have wished to have one at home.

Originally from Brazil, thrives in hot, dry climates. We can plant them in pots, planters or flower beds and direct them using ropes, lattices or other structures to decorate entrance arches, cover patios and / or dress stairs. Is it the plant you are looking for for your garden? Get it in spring and discover how to take care of it with us.

Bougainvilleas are climbing plants ideal for covering a wall, since they can reach between 3 and 4 meters in height and up to 8 meters in length. They are plants that work very well in hot and dry places, where it is possible to see them bloom even in winter, a real luxury! Do they attract your attention? Learn all about these plants



Bougainvillea belongs to the Nectagenaceae family. It's a plant very striking thanks to its bracts. And it is not the flowers but the bracts that are most characteristic and what gives the plant color. The very small flowers are found inside these and are usually white.

Colors and shapes

There are different species of bougainvillea, more than 300, and have different shades. The most common species within our borders are Bougainvillea glabra and Bougainvillea spectabilis, the former being especially popular in the bonsai world and the latter in creating large formations.

As for the colors, those of purple and pink color They are the most popular, although, as you can see, we can also find red, white and orange varieties. In addition, the flowers can be simple or these filled with petals.

Your cares

Bougainvillea is native to South America and is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions. Due to its origins, it is easy to suppose that they like heat but that the same does not happen with cold. In fact, nor withstand frost and below 5ºC it tends to lose its leaves despite being a perennial shrub.

In temperate climate, without frost, bougainvillea becomes a rough and undemanding shrub. To develop properly only they will need a sunny exposure and good drainage. It is essential that the soil is well drained and does not remain flooded for days. Prefer the lack of water than the excess, remember it!


They do not require any special substrate, but I don't think it goes without saying that the more rich in nutrients be this, the better it will develop. Bougainvillea doesn't need to be fertilized frequently, in fact, one of the reasons our bougainvilleas don't bloom is because they have been over-fertilized. So limit yourself to doing it in the growing season every 30 days.

As for pests, you will only have to worry about the mealybug. Be careful when watering it not to wet its leaves, as this could lead to the infestation. While the pest is still small, you can clean it with a cloth. If it has spread, you will have no choice but to prune the plant and / or use a specific insecticide on it.

And speaking of pruning, this should be done in the months of January and February in hot climates, and in spring in cold climates. Pruning will be maintenance and it will be carried out in order to eliminate dead branches and favor their formation and guidance. For this, those branches that are always necessary above a new bud or shoot will be cut.

Bougainvillea is a tough plant with spectacular results; You just have to see the images that illustrate the article.

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