Advantages of having a vertical garden

Vertical orchard

Having a urban vertical garden in a small space to plant some things that we like is a trend. It allows us to work to have our own food, whose growth and production we control, and it is also a way to have a different terrace, with your own plantation.

The vertical gardens They have become very fashionable, and it is that it is the perfect idea to be able to have a space of this type on a terrace that does not have much space. If we put the furniture and we barely have square meters left, these gardens offer us the way to have our plants or vegetables without occupying a space that is necessary for us.

These vertical gardens have the great advantage of being able to save space. When making them vertically, with one pot on the other, we only need a wall or an area in which to put them. In addition, they are very comfortable, since we can put them at the height that we like and that we need.

Vertical orchard

To make these gardens is need to create a structure. It can be made with different materials. There are wooden drawers that are sold to be able to screw to the wall, but there are also recycled ideas that are the most original. Plastic bottles that are used as flower pots and that also have the advantage that they weigh very little. The pallets are also used to make this type of garden and put them in a corner of the terrace.

Vertical orchard

What must be taken into account when making these urban gardens is that they will support the weight of the earth and of what is planted in them, so they must be well fixed and not have a weak structure. We must also think about the exact place to put our small plantation, since it is good that the sunlight illuminates it, that it does not receive frost and that it is easy to water.

What is a vertical garden for?

Vertical orchard

To all of us who like plants, we always think of ideas to be able to enjoy them. In this case, we are left with the vertical garden. If you are wondering what it is for, you have to know that it is a fairly innovative system. Really serves to grow various plants. Although, above all, both aromatic and those that have a rather small size will be the protagonists. In addition, vertical gardens are perfect for those homes that do not have a few meters of land where they can cultivate. Thus, it no longer matters where you live because this type of garden will always be with you. You only need a wall or a vertical area enabled for it. Do you know what its advantages are ?:

  • They can make any part of your home much more beautiful thanks to this type of idea.
  • In addition, there is the saving, especially when plant foods that can be for your personal consumption.
  • It adapts to any type of home.

How to make a homemade vertical garden

Home vertical garden

You will see that what begins as an original idea, can become your next hobby. In this case, to make a home vertical garden you will have to follow a series of steps.

  • Choose a place in your house where the sun shines. Well-lit areas are always better and where the air is not too airy.
  • Once the place has been chosen, we will look for the containers where our plants will go. Here you have a great variety of styles. We will also give you some other ideas, but for this, you have to keep reading. The most common is that they are bottles or large plastic containers as well as clay. If you are going to grow some vegetables, it is always advisable that they are more than eight inches deep.
  • The earth together with the compost they are essential for our plants to grow. You can always go for organic compost.
  • As we have well commented, opt for small plants and that they can grow quickly. For your personal consumption you can choose lettuce or onions.
  • Remember to water them. The auspicious times are at dawn or dusk.

When we have this very clear, we only have those original ideas to be able to apply them. The home vertical garden can be made up of several options.

With carafes

Vertical garden with carafes

The five-liter jugs that they sell with water can be one of the perfect pots for our plants. We will use them by placing them face down. That is, the part of the handle and the stopper will be the base of our pot. You will have to cut the top part to be able to add the soil and seeds.

Plastic bottles

The two-liter plastic bottles are also perfect. In this case, you will have to open them sideways and you can place them all over the wall, securing them well with strong ropes.

Reserve cans

Tin cans are also another of the most used ideas. In this case, you can fasten them thanks to some hooks on the wall. In addition, you can paint them the color that you like the most and create a vertical garden in full color.

Fabric shoe rack

Vertical garden with fabric shoe rack

Maybe you have those cloth shoe racks at home that no longer work for you. Well now we have found a new job for him. In each of the compartments, we will put a different plant. Isn't that a great idea?

Garden with pallets

Another of the basic ideas is to make a vertical garden with pallets. To do this, you just have to clean and paint the pallet. You can place a plastic bag or a piece of cloth in the areas where you are going to introduce your plant. If you do not know where to start, nothing like following the step by step that we leave you on video.


Without a doubt, the pots are also ideal for our vertical garden. But in addition to the basics that we all know, you can also use other ingenious ideas. From boots to soda cans with the names of the inhabitants of the house. What do you think about the idea?.

Does Ikea sell vertical garden?

Ikea indoor garden

If the Ikea store has everything we imagine and beyond. In this case, it is not that he is selling you a vertical garden as such, but that he has pieces to form your own. Hence, it has everything you need such as the seedbed as well as the cultivation module. This can be individual, to be placed on a table or shelf, but also more spacious and standing, where you will find several modules. In this way, you can create your vertical garden thanks to Ikea. If you want it to still be cheaper, you can always choose Ikea plastic boxes and start forming your garden in a simpler and cheaper way than ever.

The best urban vertical gardens

In addition to having several types of urban vertical gardens, it must be borne in mind that we will be doing a great job of recycling. In addition to using reusable itemsWe will also be creating a more sustainable life in our own home. It must be said that the irrigation will also be low consumption. To all this is added the imagination in each of the creations. A job that everyone in the house can do and that will become a precious activity. Do you want to enjoy the best urban vertical gardens?

Orchards with pallets
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