Cleaning stains of wax colors from wood

Wax colors

If you have children of three, four and five years old in your home, vitality and laughter are guaranteed. But also the scares! Children really like to paint And this is an activity that we must always encourage because it helps them develop their creativity, something very necessary in this stage of growth. However, limits should also be set so that they do not end up capturing your art anywhere, as it is not always easy to clean stains of wax colors.

To prevent children from painting on walls or furniture, it is important to provide spaces where they can unleash their creativity at home. If they still end up leaving their mark on my wooden furniture, don't worry! Today we share with you some tricks to clean these stains.

Give them an area to develop their creativity

As we have already advanced, it is essential provide the little ones with an area where they can paint freely. A «painting area» in which they have a surface on the wall to be able to create large murals and a work table where they can develop smaller works.

Wax paints

To create the drawing surface on the wall You can use chalk paint or fix a giant paper roll that can be released as needed. You should not worry about the table, get used to the idea that it fulfills its function and that nothing happens because the children stain it with these wax paints or other types of paint.

That is, if to avoid staining the floor, place under the table a vinyl mat that is easy to clean with water and ham. Or any light carpet that you can put in the washing machine and that allows you to relax when they paint.

Beware of wax paints

Wax paints are part of the popular school supplies in our country. The Plastidecor and Manley brands are well known but there is a wide variety of these on the market. The most used by the little ones with the hard ones, since they do not break as easily as the soft waxes. They only have one drawback and that is that although they do not mark too much, they are not easily erased due to their greasy composition.

Colored waxes, learn how to remove stains

That they are not easily erased does not usually matter to the little ones but it can be a problem for parents if children decide to develop their creativity in a piece of furniture in the house. Cleaning stains of wax colors from wood For the furniture to return to what it was, it will not be easy, but it will not be impossible either. How to do it?

How to clean stains?

Have your children stained a wooden furniture with the colors of wax and we don't know how to clean it? It might seem logical but never try to do it with an eraser as if you were removing waxes from a sheet of paper because you will only be able to spread it and make the wooden surface more dirty.


There is a home remedy that works very well to clean these types of difficult stains and it is use a little mayonnaise. If the dining room table, the kitchen chairs or that piece of furniture that you like so much in the living room have suffered the collateral damage of creativity, put a little mayonnaise on the stain and rub with a soft textured sponge with firm movements but without tighten too much.

Once you have spread the mayonnaise on the stain, let it act for 5 minutes and then remove it with a damp cloth and let the surface dry. You will surprise with the results! If the stain does not go away you will have to bet on more aggressive methods.

Wooden furniture
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Have you ever tried this solution for cleaning wax paint stains from wood? If you try it, tell us about your experience!

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  1.   Tamara said

    It was perfect for me, my two-year-old son painted my white glass with red wax and the mayonnaise took it away without any effort and I had already tried everything. Thanks for the tip!