Decorate the walls of your house with palillería

Decorate the walls of your home with palillería

Palillería is a craft technique that has gained popularity in recent years as a decorative option to transform the walls of homes. And by arranging wooden slats in an orderly manner, unique designs can be created with which to add warmth and personality to any space. Discover how this technique can become the key element to give a new style to your home and Decorate the walls of your house with palillería.

What is palillería? Why is it a good decorative option?

Palillería is a decorative technique that consists of place wooden slats of different thicknesses and finishes in geometric patterns on the walls, thus creating a unique three-dimensional visual effect that adds character to the room.

This technique not only adds texture and depth to spaces, but also allows you to play with creativity and adapt the designs to the tastes and styles of those who will enjoy that space. And you can incorporate it into any room, without exceptions.

The palillería is, therefore, an ideal decorative option for those looking for a personalized, modern and cheap proposal. Yes, cheap, since you will only have to take care of buying the material, slats and slatted panels; You can do the work yourself with few tools.

Ideas to decorate different spaces with palillería

Any room can benefit from this decorative resource, but it is in the bedroom, living room and hall where we most frequently find elements with palillería. And wood does not get along especially well with the most humid rooms in the house such as kitchens or bathrooms where it requires greater maintenance. But what we were talking about, take note of the following ideas and decorate the main rooms of your home with palillería.

Palillería in the master bedroom

Create a headboard with slats It is something simple to do and contributes to creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in this room. Make sure, however, that the slats reach the ceiling. Not only is it more decorative but it also helps make the ceilings appear higher.

Another way to decorate the master bedroom with palilleria is to use it in the lower half of main wall as fried. If the room is long and the headboard of the bed is located on one of the narrower sides, placing it this way can help you lengthen it and make the room appear more square.

Palillería in the master bedroom

Do you want a third alternative? Place slats on both sides of the bed, in the space usually occupied by bedside tables and fix them to the wall so that they are elevated. Chopsticks and table will seem to form a single piece.

Palillería at the entrance

It is one of the rooms that can benefit the most from this decorative resource, especially when there is no physical wall that separates it from the living room. And they are the palillería you can easily create a separation between both environments without obstructing the passage of light.

Chopsticks in the hall

A palillería panel with a design of vertical lines in natural tones It is also a great option to add character to the hall wall. You can combine it with a bench to have a place to take off your shoes. And place a built-in shelf or hooks on the panel to elegantly display decorative objects and place your coat when you get home.

Chopsticks in the living room

How we like decorative walls with asymmetrical design in the classroom. They also provide personality to the space with a modern element that will inevitably attract the attention of whoever enters it. In natural wood tones it will add warmth to the living room and create a cozy atmosphere. In Black, painted to match the wall, on the other hand, it will give a modern touch to the living room and also provide depth.

Decorate the living room with palillería

If the living room and dining room share the same space, you can also use the palilleria here to create a separation between the two. We really like the idea of place a slatted wall behind the sofa like in the image above, don't you?

Another way to draw attention to the sofa with this resource is to use a asymmetrical palilleria panel, only on 1/3 of the wall of the sofa and choosing the end on which you are most interested in drawing attention, either because next to it is the window or a piece of furniture that you have special affection for.

There are many ideas to decorate the walls of your house with palillería but you can find many more to inspire you on Pinterest. And by playing with the layout, as well as with different thicknesses and tones of palilleria, it is possible to create creative and elegant compositions that completely transform every corner of your home and especially rooms such as the bedroom, living room and hall. Decorate with toothpicks and have fun creating!

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