Design your own mosaic garden table

Tables with mosaics for the garden

I live in an apartment building and we have a nice common garden with trees and grass and there under the huge tall linden tree there is a table set and benches decorated with mosaics. It reminds me of my childhood, in the '70s and '80s garden furniture of this style was very common, and yes, it is true that today, in the XNUMXst century, they have returned.

A single piece of furniture with mosaics gives life to any space, and with the colors of nature it is even more beautiful. So what do you think of the idea of design your own mosaic table for the garden?


Mosaic tables for the garden

Mosaics can be made of ceramic, glass, stone or other materials. They can have different shapes and different colors and depending on the design and style they will receive one or another name. But they share the fact that they are bits or pieces that unite on a surface with fresh material that leaves them there forever.

There may be mosaic floors or ceilings, and in fact we see them in ancient works, but the technique can also be used to decorate small objects. If you walk through history you will see that mosaics have been present in different and varied cultures such as Hellenic, Roman, Christian, Ottoman, in the Middle Ages, in the Italian republics of that time, they have gone through the Baroque and the Renaissance and have even shone in the Middle East.

Mosaics or mosaic decoration have been the subject of fashion, of course. Many Andalusian patios are decorated with mosaics and tiles and those who emigrated to America took the custom with them. Somehow the mosaics ended up, for example, in the garden set in my own building. And you must be over 40 years old!

Design your own mosaic table for the garden

A handmade mosaic table

First you have to recognize that the ceramic It is a highly appreciated material outdoors for its strength and durability. As a wall and floor covering it is a common material, but it is also interesting when used in garden furniture. A mosaic table can provide a very mediterranean touch to your terrace or garden and add that feeling of freshness and freedom and relaxation that one seeks to enjoy in these spaces.

How to make your mosaic table

But if you search, now that they are fashionable, you will find many styles and shapes in garden furniture with mosaics, so the idea of ​​making your own mosaic table is fantastic. Yes, doing it is easier than it might seem and it will be even more so once you read our tips.

How to design your own mosaic table

You can use in this DIY project whole tiles or chunks, «surplus» of different works. There are no limits if you have a basic tool, creativity. Today there is on the market a extensive parts catalog ceramics of different sizes, shapes and finishes. We invite you to play with those that you like the most to achieve a more personal result. But we also encourage you to rescue those excess or broken pieces that you may have from other works, thus saving you a good pinch in the construction of your mosaic table.

Then, how should i do it? To make a tile mosaic table, the ideal is get the tiles first and from these, design the frame of wood or metal. From that we will have greater control over the design and we will save having to cut the entire tiles. If we already have a table, we will have to take measurements and determine what type of tiles fit best.

Make your mosaic table

Once we have both surface (which must be free of dust or greasesince these elements prevent adherence), such as tiles, the best way to work is to start presenting the design, without forgetting to include the joints (3 mm.), between the pieces. Draw with pencil or chalk the design on the surface it will be of great help if we are going to use pieces of tiles in the composition.

Once the design is submitted and approved, we will use a special glue to glue the tiles to the surface. The next step will be to spread the grouting cement, so that the product completes the joints. You want to make sure that you also extend the glue around the outside edges of the table top and well between each tile piece. Finally, and before the paste dries completely, the tiles will be cleaned with a moistened esparto scouring pad.

Make your mosaic table

In this last step, cleaning, you must be careful not to remove the glue between the bits of mosaic. A drying time of approximately half an hour will suffice. After this time you should check that the glue is drying and if necessary you should spray with a little water, just a mist of water, if you see areas that seem to be drying faster than the rest. This is for prevent future fractures.

And again, after half an hour you can wipe the mosaic with a paper towel or other damp sponge to remove all that remains of the glue. And again, being very careful not to stick out of the joints. Let dry another half hour and repeat the process if necessary. And ready. Enjoy your mosaic table!

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