Designer mailboxes

house shaped mailbox

If we want to have a design house, all the elements that make it up must be in balance and their choice and placement must be carefully considered. One of the objects that we do not usually take into account when buying things from home is the mailbox that is located at the entrance. Do you want to enjoy designer mailboxes?

We usually take any one because we do not consider that there may be this type of object specially designed for its function, but yes, there are those who care about creating the most modern and up-to-date mailboxes so that our entire house is balanced. Though we are in the era of e-mails and social networks it is still very exciting to get home and find a letter in the mailbox, especially if it is from a loved one who is far away and not from bills. Discover the best ideas for the mailbox to be another decorative element!

Designer mailboxes with original shapes

To integrate the mailbox in our decoration, nothing like choosing a series of original ideas like these. One of the most common is that it has a different shape than what we know. Therefore, when we see an option in the form of houses, we love it. Although it may be a bit difficult to find them, it would be a great idea if the mailbox were the model of our house but with a reduced size, of course. If not, you can always choose to combine colors, which is also a good idea. You'll love opening its little door and discovering all the cards inside!

Original mailbox for home

Vinyls to decorate design mailboxes

If you can no longer choose a new mailbox, or you can't, you always have alternatives. Thinking of design mailboxes, nothing like letting ourselves be carried away by one of the most successful decorative bets: vinyl. Yes, we already know that they are perfect for walls, furniture and even smaller decorative details. Well, now for the mailboxes, they are not going to be left behind either. Of course, it is always better that the mailbox itself is protected from the rain, because in this way the vinyl will also last much longer. You have options in basic colors such as black with shapes of plants or flowers that can always be a good option. . Thus respecting the color of your mailbox.

Mailboxes with classic shapes but combined in colors

If your house is white but with some greater details in gold, or black, there is nothing like letting both be present in your mailbox. So in this case yes You can respect the most classic or basic shape of the element in question, but you can give it the finish you need so that it can be combined with your home.. As we have announced before, the mailbox is part of our home and our decoration, although we do not always give it the importance it deserves. Because he does a good job every day, despite the fact that this technological world is taking giant steps every time.

Mailbox in white and gold

Models in the form of filing cabinets

They are more common to see in a neighborhood community, but of course, it is another great idea. because in that case We are talking about design mailboxes in the shape of filing cabinets, yes, of those that we all know. They have a narrower and more vertical shape, but they have an amplitude like any other of the styles. Because in addition to the design itself, we also like to let ourselves be carried away by the most original options, since they will stand out in any place worth its salt.

ceramic mailbox

Asymmetric silhouettes to decorate your home

Another of the styles that we must also take into account is this. Because it is about the mailboxes that have a completely different shape than what we know. Some of them have irregular shapes, both in the part of the cap and in the silhouette in general.. Which means that in addition to creating an original decorative style, it is also very current. So, we must take it into account.

All of them go with their lock to avoid possible mail theft, each with a different way of opening to facilitate comfort and access. The main characteristic that differentiates one from the other is the capacity of its interior and the size. They are generally metallic with different finishes, in matte or gloss and we even find them lacquered in colors such as black and red. Which one would you choose?

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    I really liked the vertical colored mailboxes. Can you provide me with the name of the manufacturer?

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    I want to buy the gray mailbox that is folded that there is also black where I can find it