Guide to making a bedroom look more spacious

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It doesn't matter if your bedroom is bigger or smaller, most likely if you like to feel good and find a good atmosphere in your bedroom, you prefer it to look wider. Although if your bedroom is small then even more so you may want to make it more spacious, because in this way it will be more welcoming and comfortable.

It may also be that you have a narrower room than normal because of having divided a room or because of structural space savings. No matter the size of your bedroom, it is uncomfortable to feel that the walls are closing around you and that they do not make you feel good. It is very important that when you enter your rest room you can feel well-being in all aspects.

Paint, furniture or light are some necessary tools to consider that can be used to make the space feel more spacious and also to make you feel better inside the bedroom. There are several ways to make a bedroom look larger even if it is quite small and without having to do work. Do you want to know these tricks?

Diagonal lines

The longest distance in a room is the diagonal between the corners and taking this into account you can make a room appear wider or narrower by emphasizing this line. One way to make a bedroom look larger is by taking the floor into account and trying to make it look diagonal. Another way is to place the furniture in a diagonal line instead of lining it up on the wall.

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These two tricks will make the eyes follow the diagonal line and you can go deeper into the room instead of focusing on the short walls. You will have to make sure that you leave enough space in the middle of the room so that it seems even larger is useful for you.

The importance of color

If there is another fundamental and very important aspect for a bedroom (or any other room) to appear larger, it is to use colors well. If the colors are not used properly, the room could be seen to be much smaller and not very pleasant. Light colors make a room appear larger and also give the feeling of being well ventilated at all times. The colors that I personally find the best are light green and beige, but light blue can do a good job too.

Whatever color you choose, you must follow an arrangement of simple colors, the important thing is that when entering the room the attention is not for the walls. You can add a little more space by painting the color that you like best but with a lighter tone on the wall. Yes, besidesIf you match the tone of the furniture to the tone of the wall, it would still be much better to make the room appear larger and more spacious. SIf you also use coffee tables or tables made of glass or with a translucent material, the feeling of spaciousness will be much greater.

The lighting

Another necessary factor to take into account for a bedroom to appear larger is undoubtedly that it gives more light to the room. Natural light will make the room feel bigger, and if you can add a pair of transparent windows (or bays) And having them without curtains whenever possible, will be a great success to make the bedroom feel incredible ... and if you are lucky enough to live in the country with good views, then it will be something spectacular!

Decorate the matrimonial bedroom

If you also use reflective surfaces such as mirrors in the bedroom, they will help you distribute the light evenly to achieve better results. But if you are one of the people who does not like mirrors in the bedroom, then you can put them aside and focus on the use of reflective surfaces such as glass tables.

When the natural light of day passes and night comes, then you will have to make use of artificial light, a lighting that you will have to downplay the walls, That is, the ideal is that you focus only on lighting where you want to have light. In addition to creating a more comfortable and warm environment, you will save money on your electricity bill and also, your bedroom will give the feeling of being more spacious.

The furniture

But in addition to everything discussed in this article, there is another aspect that cannot be overlooked, I refer to the bedroom furniture. For a room to look and feel really spacious, you will have to think about how you should distribute the furniture. CThe less furniture you have (but that is practical and functional) the better.

One way to make a bedroom appear more spacious is to make long walls appear shorter, and this can be achieved through the arrangement of furniture, color, and quantity. If you have the color of the furniture similar to the tone of the wall it will be much better to enlarge the space, the low furniture is also a good idea because it will help you not to focus on the size.

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In addition, the feeling of space will increase notably if the furniture is simple and does not take up much space in the room. Reducing clutter is also essential, so not much furniture and few objects is a good idea ... that yes, that there are few pieces of furniture does not mean that you cannot use your personality in decoration. How about saving for a trundle bed?

These are some ideas that you can take into account to decorate your bedroom and make it look and feel more spacious. This way you can feel better every time you come to rest or simply disconnect from the stress of everyday life. Do you have any tricks you want to share with us? Don't hesitate to share your ideas and inspirations with Decoora!

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