Hanging pots, trend and freshness in your home

Hanging pots

How many times have we talked to you about the benefits of decorating your home with plants? How attractive is it to introduce part of the “wild” world outside into our space? Indoor plants provide freshness to our home and we have many ways to create our own oasis.

Hanging plants from ceilings and walls is a trend today. Forget about placing your pots on shelves, dressers and tables or better yet, complement both proposals.  Hanging pots small in size and green plants such as cacti, succulents, maidenhairs, ferns or ribbons; that's the winning combination today.

Why hanging pots? If there is an advantage that favors this type of pots over standing ones, it is the Retrench of space. Hanging pots do not rob us of space on any surface and that in small spaces is always appreciated or is it? If you want to give your favorite corner a green touch, using hanging pots is a great choice.

Hanging pots

Decoratively speaking, they allow us create a focal point in a certain room or what is the same, direct the view of our guests to a specific place. An armchair, a side table and hanging plants can make your reading corner the most envied.

Hanging pots trends


Macrame is one of our great allies when we want to create hanging pots. Some years ago, when they became fashionable, there were many tutorials and ideas that we could find on the net to create our own proposals. Then neon colors and gradients became very important; Today, however, these have given way to more natural tones.

Hanging macrame pots

Buying small flowerpots and giving them our personal touch is undoubtedly the most interesting alternative. You can apply this art in a simple way and decorate it with shells, stones and all kinds of beads to achieve a more striking result. Natural materials and specifically vegetable fibers have a great role today in decoration publishing houses, keep that in mind!

Metallic and minimalist

The pots with metallic elements of a minimalist character are another of the great trends today. This type of pots generally have geometric forms being circles and triangles the most common. They can be found in both matt black and metallic finishes such as gold or copper.

Minimalist hanging pots

White with rounded shapes

White is a discreet, neat, clean and bright color. A grateful color that fits into any interior and in which it is not difficult to find pots. Among the many options that the market offers us, the following stand out: enameled with rounded shape. Designs that are given warmth through leather or wood elements.

White hanging pots

Ceramic or decorated concrete

If we are looking for original designs of a handcrafted character, we can look for them among the many hanging pots made of ceramic or concrete. In portals like Etsy, which collects the work of small artists, we can find unique designs at really cheap prices. They will give to that corner that they are going to occupy a lot of personality.

Hanging pots made of ceramic or decorated concrete

Hanging terrariums

Glass has also acquired a great role when we talk about hanging pots. Although being literal we are not talking here about hanging pots but about hanging terrariums in most cases since their transparent walls allow us to see inside. Beyond the plant that we decide to plant, we will therefore have to take care of other details.

Hanging pots

What type of plant do we choose?

To start, at Decoora we recommend you start with hardy and easy plants to keep that they are adapted to your space and to the conditions of light, humidity and temperature of the same. Sanseviera, Chamaedorea elegans, Aspidistra, Ivy, Adam's rib, Ficus benjamina… are some of the names of these plants, but not all of them fit in our hanging pots.

Hanging pots are usually small or medium in size, so choosing small, slow-growing plants is the most appropriate. Cacti and succulents they are a great choice; they like heat and need little water. Maidenhairs, ferns, or ribbons they are also very common in this type of pot.

Where can we buy hanging pots?

Many online decoration stores include hanging pots in their catalog. Ikea, Living House, Maisons du Monde and AnthopologieTo give a few examples, they propose different designs as we can see in the image after this paragraph. Also in garden stores we can find hanging designs.

Hanging pots Maisons du Monde and Ikea

If you're original and personal proposals,  look for them on Etsy, a portal where small artisans from around the world display and put their designs on sale. It is worth visiting shop windows such as those of the Spanish Balataterra and Barruntando. Or discover the proposals of Yanyula, Kinsley Wolf, Olis Cupboard, Oriskany Glass, In.Sek Designs or The Glass Garden, which open up a whole range of possibilities.

Do you like hanging pots to decorate your home? What are your favorites of how many we have shown you?

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