How to decorate the outdoor Christmas tree

outdoor christmas tree

If you have a patio, a garden or a small open space at the entrance of your house, that may be the ideal place to place a outdoor christmas tree and thus fill the entrance to your home with Christmas spirit. A nice way to celebrate the holidays and dress your house in an endearing way.

Our tree can be alone or surrounded by other decorative accessories. Many people like to make a big Christmas display in their house, both inside and in the garden and the facade. In some countries like the United States, decorating the facade with lights, dolls, and garlands is a tradition. On this side of the Atlantic, more discreet solutions are used. If we don't want to fall into excess, a simple, suitably decorated tree can be perfect.

Of course, there are many ways to "plant" that tree. It can be natural or artificial, large or small, classic or avant-garde... It is always advisable to opt for a design that fits well with our personality, our taste and, of course, also with the style of our home.

Handmade nativity scene
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One aspect to be carefully assessed is the lighting. Especially if we want our tree to Christmas shine at night, be the real protagonist. Even here you can choose between discreet or striking lights, integrated into the rest of the exterior decoration or not. To help you make the most appropriate decision, in this post we bring you some interesting ideas:

Classic style Christmas tree

christmas tree front door

The classical They never die, so we can always go back to them when we need to. They are insurance. Also when choosing an outdoor Christmas tree to put at the entrance of the house. These outdoor trees full of traditional details: bows and garlands, natural pine cones and the typical shiny, red and gold balls. Don't miss the color red!

The important thing is to be able to design a very rustic and natural tree. Two good examples along these lines: an artificial tree on the left, from which sweets and decorations hang and whose feet are deposited packages that simulate gifts (purely ornamental, of course); on the right, a medium-sized natural tree, with an even simpler, but equally effective decoration: blue balls of different sizes and shades.

As for hanging decorations, a maxim must be followed: few and well attached. If not, any gust of wind will destroy our beautiful tree and its decoration.

mini christmas trees

christmas trees

As we have seen many times in Decoora, sometimes less is more. Not by having a gigantic Christmas tree at the door of the house, our decoration will be better. It can be much more effective (and cheaper) to opt for two mini-trees, which we can settle in a pot or in a small brass bucket, as in the example of the image above.

The idea is to place these small trees on both sides of the door. This disposition, besides being pretty, suggests an invitation to come home to savor a cup of chocolate, the occasional Christmas sweet and share gifts. The famous "Christmas spirit" begins at the very door of the house.

To finish off the picture, better than loading the tiny branches of the mini-trees with balls and ornaments, nothing better than some lighted candles or some elegant lanterns illuminated with them. Once again it is demonstrated that with very little you can achieve a lot.

a Christmas hallway

christmas hallway

On these lines, a variant of the idea of ​​mini-Christmas trees: instead of two, why not use more and build a kind of christmas hall even at the door of the house? Obviously, we will need to have enough space to put the idea into practice.

For the rest, the decorative formula is the same: small flower pots, foot lanterns with lit candles, small fir trees (natural or artificial) with a few ornaments on their branches... This beautiful scenic ensemble can be improved by adding a canopy or some vertical garlands. in the door frame. To everyone's liking.

light only

christmas tree light

If you like the tree to look outside the house at night, don't forget one good lighting. Or even better: let's make the tree light. It may sound like an extravagant idea, but as the examples we show in the images demonstrate, it works.

There are several options. The simplest is acquire a backlit tree "skeleton" that we can place in the garden and plug into an external outlet. To hide the wiring, we can sink it a little into the ground or cover it with leaves, stones, etc. By pressing the switch, the branches of this unusual tree will light up, giving us a beautiful picture.

If we are a little crafty, perhaps we dare to create our own tree of light using the online lights that we all have at home or that we can buy in any gift and decoration store. Instead of using them to wrap the traditional tree, we will use them to reproduce (with the help of a metal or wooden base) the typical conical shape of fir trees in children's drawings. Very original.

Important: of course, you always have to use systems outdoor ready lighting, we do not want short circuits to occur due to rain or moisture.

Trees "dressed" for Christmas

natural christmas tree

Sometimes it is better to be practical: why buy a big Christmas tree if we already have one in our garden? It doesn't matter if it's a fir, any species is fine. Cypresses, olive trees, lemon trees... Any of them can be transformed into an original and precious Christmas tree if we manage to find the right ornaments.

To succeed, you have to take into account the size and height of the tree. If it's a cypress or an upright tree, a few ornaments and spiral lighting will suffice; If it is a tree with more resistant branches, such as an almond tree, it will be appropriate to hang balls and garlands. Or, as in the image above, use LED string lights to hang from its branches.

In case of having those deciduous trees in our garden that remain "bare" in winter, a good solution is to wrap their trunks and branches with illuminated tapes. The visual effect when night falls and we turn on the switch is almost magical.

Finally, it is worth saying that this same decorative formula can be applied to the hedges and shrubs in our gardens. Any plant element is likely to be decorated so that the Christmas magic unfolds outside our homes. As we have shown with the examples presented in this post, all you need is a little enthusiasm and good taste.

Images: housebeautiful

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