How to decorate your house in the American style

american style house

The cultural imperialism of the United States, through products, companies, movies and television series, has imposed certain words into our vocabulary. For example, the use of "American" to talk about something American.

That also happens in the world of design and decoration, so let's see how to decorate your house american style, that is, in the style of the United States.

American style

decorate american style

But what is the American style of decoration or design? In short, everything what you see on those tv shows as Brothers to work, My house, your house, Live it or sell it and all those programs where there are people remodeling or building houses.

What is the common denominator of all this? If you look at the size of the houses, the types of rooms they have, the renovations they do, the colors, the furniture, and even the heating and cooling systems, they all look alike. And perhaps, it must be said, they look little or nothing like the one you have at home.

No house in Japan or Guatemala or Argentina, we are always talking about the middle or lower middle class, has a special room with a washer and dryer, or a large games room or a basement with a boiler, play room and full bathroom for visitors or to sublet. I don't think I'm wrong.

So one of the main attractions for non-American viewers of those TV shows is precisely the so-called american style of decoration. Going a little further, we can talk about la spaciousness of the rooms and their functionality.

american style kitchen

That's right, you can find small apartments all over the United States, but it is true that when it comes to houses in urbanizations the size is enormous. An American middle-class house has at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a two-car garage, a laundry room, a basement that occupies the entire basement, a living room, and a large more that, for some time now, it must be yes or yes "open concept".

If you are lucky and have a large house, this American style of decoration will surely appeal to you. The American houses that we see in magazines, movies, and TV shows often convey a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.  All this style is focused on getting a place of intimate luxury.

But what are the characteristics of the American decoration style? If we talk about colors, the ideal tones for this type of decorative style are light as white or beige. If the room is well lit and has with plenty of natural light you can use a color like gray. As soon as to the material that will predominate in all the decoration it's the wood both in the furniture or as in the accessories that may be in the house.

Regarding the furniture, small furniture here is useless. For a large room, the furniture must be big and comfortable, always starting with the set of armchairs. Let's remember that years ago family life passed in front of the television, so the room where the device was and the furniture were the protagonists. If not, I invite you to watch a television show from the '80s or '90s.

open concept kitchen

And somehow, that still holds true. Not life around TV, but yes the family room that today is attached to the kitchen deserves this idea of ​​"open concept". Parents seem to really like being able to see what their children are doing from the kitchen, it is something that is heard a lot, even outside the United States.

For example, in my building the small flats have knocked down the wall between the kitchenette and the living room to have this "open kitchen-dining room!" It fits well? Sometimes, but what you cannot miss if you choose to follow this trend is a good smoke and air extractor, on pain of both rooms being covered in grease and odors.

american style laundry

Another characteristic that we can name if we think about how to decorate american style is the use of fitted wardrobes that have sliding doors, since in this way they are more practical and they take up much less space than conventional ones. This type of cabinet is super practical in your laundries, with super practical washers and dryers.

As soon as to the bedrooms, the beds are usually quite big and comfortable to make the rest really pleasant and pleasant. And of course, the en-suite bedroom with bathroom is the norm, at least in the master bedroom. Carpets in these private spaces are also common, as are many pillows on the bed.

american style bedroom

Finally, the outside of the house has great importance for what it has a large garden with grass so the whole family can enjoy the outdoors. There is usually a front garden, surprisingly without fences, and a rear one.

As you could see the american style It is a very particular type of decoration that thinks in comfort and rest first of all. Now, what we see in movies and TV series magazines does not represent the common home in the United States. I have seen it with my own eyes, most people do not have access to this type of furniture, taps, carpets and coverings. Much of the interior furniture is from supermarkets, not even Ikea-style, and white appliances remain the norm, not because of fashion but because new ones are expensive.

Advice: if your house is big and you like this style, When decorating your house in the American style, opt for beige and light, elegant colors, for lighting with lamps, for objects that speak of you and your family. Do not copy from TV or the Internet, get inspired, but leave your mark.

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