How to make a bed canopy

How to make a bed canopy

Do you want to give a romantic touch to your bedroom? Turn the little ones' bed into a private haven within their own room? Incorporating a canopy to the bed you can achieve it. And it is something that you can do yourself once you have read the instructions that we share today on how to make a canopy for the bed.

What kind of canopy do you want? That is the first question you must answer. Because there is no single type of canopy, but these can take different forms. All of them will bring that romantic air that you are looking for in your bedroom and will provide you with privacy, but you will need to know exactly what you want to be able to shape it.

What is a canopy?

1m Furniture that at a certain height covers or shelters an altar, seat, bed, etc., moving forward in a horizontal pavilion and falling behind as a hanging.

2. m. Gate or tapestry

Canopies for adult and children's beds

This is how the Royal Spanish Academy defines «canopy», an element used since the XNUMXth century in the altars and thrones of kings with which we are all familiar but which is not very common in our homes, except in children's bedrooms.

There are, however, numerous reasons for wanting to put a canopy on the bed, both aesthetic and functional. We have already anticipated some of them, but if you doubt whether or not to incorporate this element in your bedroom, a quick review of its advantages maybe it pushes you to make a decision.

  1. They provide a romantic touch To the bedroom.
  2. They provide privacy to bed.
  3. They make it difficult for Mosquitoes.


In order to make a bed canopy you first need to decide what kind of canopy you want. And for this it will be of great help take into account both the shape and size of the roomsuch as the height of the ceilings. Taking these characteristics into account, we could classify canopies into two groups:

  • Canopies that frame the bed (type1). The structures of these canopies form one with the bed and wrap around it. Constructed of wood or metal, these rectangular structures are generally made up of four posts that are placed at the four ends of the bed and rise above it to join at the top with crossbars of the same material, forming 90ºC angles. , from which the textile hangs. They are very bulky and can weigh down a small room a lot.

Canopies that frame the bed

  • Hanging canopy (type2). These canopies are limited to covering the headboard of the bed. They are anchored to the ceiling and have a circular structure, in the shape of a ring, from which the fabric, usually gauze or cotton, hangs. They are lighter and you can play with their size; the larger the diameter of the circumference, the more area of ​​the bed they will cover.

hanging canopies

If the room is small and/or has low ceilings Placing a canopy of the first type might not be a very good idea, unless it is a children's room in which the bed is arranged at ground level. More terminal are the hanging sales; They do not provide as much privacy but without overloading the space, they add a romantic air to the bedroom.

How to make a bed canopy

Have you already decided what kind of canopy you want? Yes now you can start work to create your canopy. But how? Following this simple step by step that answers the initial question of how to make a bed canopy.

Type 1

Measure the bed well and buy the materials needed to make the canopy structure. If you dare with a traditional structure you will need at least 8 wooden posts to make it, but you can make it with only 4. How? Projecting and marking the vertices of your bed on the ceiling to create a rectangular structure to anchor to it. This option will not only be simpler, but you will achieve a much lighter and more airy aesthetic with it.

Looking for an even simpler option? Bet on some rails. Assemble the rails and corner pieces on the floor, around the bed but off the bed to make room for the curtains. Then move this structure to the ceiling. The Ikea you will find a detailed step by step that will help you mount it if you opt for this option.

Different ways to create a structure for the canopy

Have you ever sewn curtains? Then you will have no problem sewing the fabric and incorporating it into the structure. There are many ways to do it, you just have to find the most beautiful and comfortable for you. And the one that suits your skills or lack of them with the sewing machine.

Type 2

To make the structure of a circular hanging canopy you will only need a hoop. Do you remember the Hula Hoops? Beyond a children's play they become a perfect base on which to build the canopy. Any circular structure that you can open becomes, in fact, a great base to work on. Can't find anything that fits the desired measurements? Then use a thick wire or metal rod and shape it.

In the video you will find how prepare and sew the fabric which you will later incorporate into the structure. Remember that you can customize it using other types of fabrics and playing with the colors that you like the most. White, pink, blue and mustard are the most popular, but not the only alternatives.

The simplest canopy

Do you like our ideas but find them complicated? Aren't you handy at all? Don't worry, we have a solution so that making a bed canopy is within your reach. With the following proposals, this project will become child's play.

easy canopies

you can convert a branch that you pick up on one of your walks around the park is the base of your canopy. Look at how they use it in the image above and copy the idea! And if you don't have a branch use anything that imitates it, a rod, for example. It will be enough for you to fix them to the wall with ropes or chains and hang the fabric from them.

Which canopy do you like more? Do you now know how to make a canopy?

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