Eclectic decoration: what is it and how do I apply it at home?


La eclectic decor It is one of the countless styles that you can choose when decorating your home. It has gained popularity in recent years, but it is important to know how to incorporate it at home.

The eclectic decor consists of mixing and matching different styles, periods, textures and colors to create a unique and personal space.

It's a style that allows you to break the rules and express your creativity without being limited by a single design aesthetic. The eclectic décor mixes vintage and modern elements, bold prints and muted colours, creating a unique space.

To create an eclectic look in your home requires some planning and patience, but the end result is worth it.
Experts explain that the term is that "eclecticism" derives from the Greek and means selective. The three fundamental characteristics of eclectic decoration are:

  • The mix of different elements: In this case you can mix textures and patterns, also incorporate different shapes and design elements to create a great dimension.
  • Mix the modern with the traditional: Decoration elements from different periods can be combined, such as antique furniture, combined with a minimalist style. Another option is to see a modern bathroom with some element to complement the French Renaissance.
  • Properly select accessories: It is important to select all the accessories so that everything works together, and a coherent combination can be observed with the colors, the textures, or a specific focal point that you want to highlight.

Next, we will show you some ideas so that you can apply it at home following the recommendations of interior designers. They show us how to combine elements from different schools of design, obtaining as a final objective a maximalist style with a varied incorporation of elements.

Choose a color combination

Although eclectic decoration consists of mixing styles and textures, andIt's important to have a cohesive color scheme so that everything stays together. Choose a base color and two or three accent colors that complement each other, and use them throughout the room.

You can repeat that color in the rugs, the cushions, the auxiliary tables, or the lamps, even if they are from different schools of design.

Combine patterns and textures


The eclectic decoration consists of playing with patterns. Mix and match florals, stripes, and polka dots to create a visually interesting space. Make sure the motifs share at least one common color to keep them cohesive. You can repeat some of the same patterns to create a visual harmony. which is essential in eclectic decoration.

Mix old and modern elements

One of the hallmarks of eclectic decoration is mixing old and modern elements. Don't be afraid to mix an old rug with a modern sofa or pair a vintage lamp with a contemporary side table. Contrast adds interest and dimension to the space.

Add a focal point


When planning eclectic decor you have to determine where each piece of furniture will go and although styles can be mixed or matched, there has to be a focal point in which to place an eye-catching element.
For example, an accent wall with paintings or painted in another color, a fireplace or a decorative piece of art.

It incorporates several layers

Eclectic décor places a premium on visual beauty so it doesn't come across as a flat, boring space. You achieve that by superimposing colors or textures, for example, by placing a knitted blanket over the padding of your bed, several velvet cushions in a striking tone on the sofa in the living room.

Add multiple spotlights in addition to using ambient light and also various fabrics of different patterns and contrasts.
In the materials you can combine marble with leather, brick steel, plain weave rugs with fluffy blankets. They are some of the ideal combinations to add color and visual interest and get out of the monotonous in home decoration.

Don't be afraid to dare

Eclectic decoration is about taking risks and daring. Don't be afraid to incorporate bright colors, bold prints and unique pieces to your space. It's about creating a space that reflects your personality and style.

Provide texture with accessories

Accessories are a great way to add texture to an eclectic space. Think cozy blankets, plush rugs, and velvet cushions. The texture adds depth and interest to the room, making it more welcoming.
Next, we will see some specific examples to decorate the different rooms with eclectic decoration.

Eclectic decoration: living room


To get a better idea of ​​what eclectic decoration looks like in practice, here are some examples: The bohemian living room.
A bohemian living room is full of color, texture, and unique accessories. Think vintage rugs, plush cushions, and macramé wall hangings. The space is cozy and inviting, with a mix of vintage and modern elements.

Eclectic decoration: daring bedroom


A daring bedroom is about taking risks and being original. Think bold wallpaper, bright bedding and unique accessories. The room is full of energy and character, with eclectic pieces that reflect the owner's style.

Eclectic decoration: cozy reading corner


A cozy reading nook is the perfect place to curl up with a good book. Think plush seats, cozy blankets, and bookshelves filled with your favorite titles. The space is warm and welcoming, with eclectic pieces that make it personal and unique.

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Finally, eclectic decorating is all about breaking the rules and expressing your creativity. By combining vintage and modern elements, mixing patterns, and incorporating bold colors and unique accessories, you can create a space that is truly one of a kind.

Whether you opt for a bohemian living room, edgy bedroom, or cozy reading nook, eclectic décor is a versatile style that allows you to create a space that reflects your unique personality and style.

The fundamental thing is to be able to trust your instincts and incorporate accessories and color that you had never dared regardless of the opinion of others.
You also have to keep in mind that adding too many items or combining too many opposite styles can be excessive.

Remember that there is a fine line between the eclectic and the eccentric. Focus on the recommendations, and then enjoy your choice.

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