Ideas for modern white kitchens

Modern white kitchen

Hen/Stag modern white kitchens they have many advantages and have become quite a trend. Spaces that are very bright and fresh, ideal for current houses. Modern kitchens are functional and also have a simple style, using plain tones and taking advantage of the spaces. That is precisely what we will see today in these modern kitchens in white.

We will give you some ideas for decorate modern white kitchens if it is the idea you have in mind to reform the kitchen. It is a great idea for the advantage of bringing lightness and a lot of style and elegance to this area of ​​the house. You will see that there are many ways to create a nice white kitchen with modern style.

Modern kitchens without handles

Kitchen without handles

This is a great novelty for those who love the simplest things. If you are concerned about the design of the handles, you can turn to the most modern kitchens without handles. They have opening systems to avoid having to put handles in sight, so the kitchen will look even more modern and minimalist.

Modern white kitchens with island

Kitchen with island

If you have a large space to do the kitchen, you can make an island. These islands are really very functional, and it is that they serve to have a sink and also a more work area. They serve as a space in which to eat if we do not want to use another dining room, so it gives us multiple practical ideas to use it. Also, with the white color of the kitchen, the space will never seem cluttered.

Minimalist white modern kitchens


The minimalist style is the most used in modern spaces, so you will see many modern kitchens with minimalist style. They are simple spaces, in which there is no place for prints or complications. The best thing about this style is that it is very functional and we will not have to make the difficult decisions to combine colors or elements.

Black Contrast Kitchens

White and black

If the total white seems too bright or perhaps boring, you can always do as in the Nordic style and mix it with black. The black and white binomial it will always be elegant, and in addition to being modern it will be timeless.

Kitchens that add basic tones

Basic tones

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. basic tones They are also perfect for these white kitchens, since they do not break too much with the prominence of the white color. In addition, if we want something simple and modern, the basic tones are perfect, since they do not go out of style or are a passing trend.

Kitchens with pops of color

Turquoise kitchen

For those who can get tired of total white, they always have the possibility to add colors. Shades like turquoise or pink are possible. Of course they will not be so white kitchens, but the truth is that with a base in white we can always add more color without any problem and without complicating much.

Kitchens with natural lighting

Natural lighting

These modern white kitchens are bright thanks to the white shade reflecting light. But of course they will be much brighter if we also have a great source of natural lighting such as huge windows.

Kitchens with wooden floors

Wooden floor

For those who want modern spaces in white, but without giving up a certain touch of warmth, they have the possibility of adding wood. On the floor, or on the legs of the chairs. In small touches this color and the material add warmth to the spaces.

Small white kitchens

Small kitchen

The choice of white for small kitchens is undoubtedly the best. On small spaces the color white helps make them look wider by reflecting light. So we have the feeling of more space. That is why it is the best color for these small kitchens.

Kitchens with modern lamps

Modern lamps

In these modern kitchens another touch that we can add are the lamps with modern designs. Such a lamp gives a special and designer touch to the entire kitchen.

Kitchens with LED lighting

Led lights

This is a novelty that we see in the most modern kitchens. The LED lighting In some parts of the kitchen without the lights showing, it is something new and many people sign up for it, as it helps to make the kitchen even more stylish. This lighting is usually on the shelves and in the area of ​​the stove, although it can be put in more places to give more light.

Kitchens with white dining area

Dining room on white

If you want to add a dining room to these kitchens, you can too. These dining rooms can also be white, with chairs with touches of color to distinguish this space. Add the dining room It is a good idea if we do not have one of those so practical islands that can save us this part.

Kitchens combined with stainless steel

Kitchen with stainless steel

An idea that seems very modern to everyone for a kitchen is that of the kitchens with white and stainless steel in household appliances. A modern touch for the kitchen and also of quality.

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