Ideas for the garden with artificial grass

Garden with artificial grass

Are you frustrated that the grass in your garden does not look good? Can't keep it free of weeds and moss in the most humid areas no matter how hard you try? These are just some of the reasons why the garden with artificial grass has gained popularity.

Do you also want to replace the natural grass with an artificial one? In addition to having less maintenance, its appearance is very realistic today. Much more realistic than it was a few years ago. Are you convinced? Then discover some ideas for a garden with artificial grass from us.

Advantages of artificial turf

We have talked a lot about maintenance, saving in time What does it mean to bet on an artificial turf? But this is not the only advantage of this and there are some that may be even more important to you than this. Discover them all!

Artificial grass

  1. can be installed practically on any surface: earth, concrete, tile... As long as the surface is correctly leveled to ensure good drainage and that we choose the appropriate grass model for each of them.
  2. Maintenance is reduced. It is not cut or fertilized and it is hardly watered. To maintain the artificial grass, it will only be necessary to brush it periodically, water it once or twice a month - or more frequently in summer if you want to keep it cool - and replace the silica sand when necessary.
  3. Saving water and other resources regarding natural grass is considerable.
  4. Es Resistant to weather: rain, sun, snow and frost. It has a great drainage capacity, so that if the surface before installing the artificial grass did not flood, then it will not either.
  5. it's hygienic. It does not produce irritations or allergic reactions of any kind. Unlike natural grass, it accumulates less bacteria, mites, insects and worms.
  6. Do you have dogs or cats at home? The artificial grass is pet friendly. The models with high resistance are resistant to the acidity of the urine and very easy to clean the grass if your pet relieves itself on it.
  7. Installation is simple. On concrete and tile it does not require any complications, you can take care of it yourself. On land, it may be necessary to level the ground before, making this the most expensive work of the installation

ideas for the garden

Do you need ideas to create a modern low-maintenance garden with artificial grass? At Decoora we share with you some proposals that we are sure will inspire you to create a beautiful design by playing with different materials and plants.

Modern gardens

Projects of: 1. Garden Club London 2. S2 Architects

The materials

What do the gardens with artificial grass in the images have in common? Have you had time to look at them? Most of them incorporate a series of materials into their design that, in our opinion, always fit perfectly with the idea of ​​a modern, low-maintenance garden. And these are…

  • Porcelain stoneware slabs. El porcelain stoneware It is a very durable material with great resistance to inclement weather. In addition, this material has different finishes, which will allow you to create rest areas to suit you. Slabs in light tones that imitate stone or concrete are our favorites for this type of space.
  • Gravel: Gravel is an economical alternative available in different colors that allows you to create original designs and cover part of the ground.
  • pine bark. Together with the gravel it allows you to create interesting color contrasts in the area to be planted.
  • wooden elements. To add warmth to the garden, nothing better than some wooden elements such as benches, chairs or tables.
  • plants and trees: The roots do not damage the surface of the artificial grass, so you could plant them in this area anyway. However, if the garden is not too large, we prefer the idea of ​​separating them and creating small borders around the perimeter and in specific places.

garden ideas with artificial grass

The zones

An area to sit down to eat or chatting is always a must in the garden. Place it near the house and pave it with a ceramic material so that it is easy for you to clean the area. If you can also cover it, you can take advantage of it beyond the summer.

Place followed by this area, other artificial grass in which children can play and which serves as a recreation area. You can bring the loungers to this area when the weather is good and transform it according to your needs at each time of the year.

Furthermore, a plant screen will help you create some privacy, in addition to making the views from your home more pleasant. It is in this area, under the shade of a tree, where it is always appreciated have a bank or a couple of chairs that provide you with a cooler and more relaxed place to sit down to read or have a coffee.

Do you like our ideas for a garden with artificial grass?

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