Ideas to integrate the washing machine in the bathroom

Washing machine in bathroom

En Decoora We invite you today to reflect on the possibility of relocate the washing machine in the bathroom. Although the kitchen seems to be the place predisposed for it in our homes, installing it in the bathroom is an option as much or more logical than the first. Putting dirty clothes directly into the washing machine after showering would be practical, right?

Whether your house is a blank canvas, or if you plan to carry out renovation soon, placing the washing machine in the bathroom is a possibility for you. And we want to show you different ways to do it, because there is no single way to integrate the washing machine in the bathroom. We are sure that among them you will find one that suits your needs.

Why in the bathroom?

Not all of us have a expressly designed room to do the laundry, like the ones we can see in decoration publishing houses. So we only have two left spaces prepared for installation no need to do a great work: the kitchen and the washing machine.

Washing machine in the bathroom

El laundry basket it is usually in the bathroom, why not the washing machine? The idea of ​​putting clothes directly into the washing machine when we shower or change clothes seems practical enough to place the washing machine in the bathroom.

With the washing machine in the bathroom we avoid having to move throughout the house to the place traditionally chosen to locate the washing machine, the kitchen, with mountains of clothes. We also eliminate the mess caused by mountains of clothes before and after washing in this space.

Derived from the change from the washing machine to the bathroom, we also win extra space in the kitchen, a room that is usually always small. Although it will depend on each of us, give priority to one or the other space.

How do we integrate it?

The size of the bathroom as well as its distribution are factors that will limit the possibilities of integrating the washing machine into it. Hiding it behind some closet doors is the most aesthetic way to integrate it into the bathroom, but there are other possibilities that require less space.

Washing machine in the bathroom

In a closet

The most aesthetic way to integrate the washing machine in the bathroom is hiding it from view. How? Creating a closet with sliding doors, in which in addition to space for the washing machine, you have systems that make the experience of washing clothes more comfortable.

A shelf that allows you to place all necessary products To wash clothes is key to having everything organized. If you don't have space problems Decoora We also propose to integrate a space designed to organize dirty clothes baskets, a countertop on which to organize clothes and a bar that allows you to hang 4-5 hangers.

Washing machine in the bathroom

Some go further and also incorporate a small sink where to deal with the most difficult stains. An element that will only be possible to place in larger bathrooms and that is not essential due to the proximity of the sink that serves the same purpose.

Of course, you can do without the closet doors and leave the washing machine in plain sight. You will need, however, invest in boxes and baskets, like the ones you can see in images, that help you make the space look orderly. Bet on elements of the same series that provide aesthetic coherence to the place. Placing very different elements or with very different colors would increase the visual noise of the space.

On the washbasin cabinet

Another way to integrate the washing machine in the bathroom is lengthening the countertop of the sink to integrate the washing machine, just as we would in the kitchen. When we don't have more space or we want to give up having tall furniture in the bathroom, this is a good solution.

In these cases mimic the washing machine in the furniture through the color is the key so that the washing machine does not attract too much attention. When the furniture does not allow us to panel it, the ideal is that it be the same color as the cabinets.

Doing laundry in the bathroom

Column with a tumble dryer

If you want to install a dryer in addition to the washing machine, place them vertically will allow you to maximize space. In these cases, it will be even more important to use the full height of the ceiling to create extra storage space above this column of appliances. It will not be a practical space due to its height, but it will allow you to place items that you do not use regularly and thus clear another space more by hand to place cleaning products.

Do you like the idea of ​​integrating the washing machine in the bathroom? There are many ways to incorporate it, you just have to find the one that is not only possible for you to adapt to your bathroom, but also that is comfortable for you.

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