Kitchens with fireplace, a pleasant and cozy space

kitchen with fireplace

Chimneys They help us create pleasant and welcoming environments in our home. They inspire warmth and are a good decorative resource in both contemporary and rustic homes. The same thing happens in the kitchens with fireplace, an increasingly booming proposal.

Currently, in addition to fireplaces with a marked rustic air, it is also possible to find innovative designs on the market that are appropriate for urban and modern environments. Widely used in living rooms, fireplaces are an unusual resource in kitchens of nowadays.

However, decorate the kitchen with a fireplace is a way to give distinction and a really attractive aesthetic to this room in our houses. A resource to take into account that you should not rule out due to lack of space, since today it is possible to find models adapted to all needs.

Decorative fireplace
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Fireplaces are no longer exclusive elements of rural areas and now coexist normally with any architectural style, whether it is rustic, contemporary, classic or retro. Before opting for a model, it is important to know the different types of fireplaces that exist.

Warm the heart of your home with a warm and cozy fire!

Wood fireplaces: the classic option

kitchen and fireplace

Just for being one of the most used rooms in the house, the kitchen well deserves all the luxuries that we normally reserve for lounges and living rooms: elegant furniture, a piece of art… And also a beautiful fireplace.

In times past, the fireplace was a key element in any kitchen, although they were displaced by appliances over time. Today we are not faced with that dichotomy. Of course, we do not give up the comfort of the oven, the stove or the ceramic hob, but we add to them the charm that a fireplace confers.

Wood burning fireplaces
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The "unique" atmosphere instilled by wood burning fireplaces leads many to opt for this option, despite being dirtier and requiring their own space for firewood storage. Those covered in stone or brick are the best option to decorate a rustic space, while those with a closed fire, as long as they are small in size, fit perfectly into minimalist and contemporary environments.

fireplace kitchen wood

I touch on the good that a wood-burning fireplace normally brings in our dining rooms and living rooms, it can also bring it to our kitchens. The choice of the ideal model will depend, logically, on the decorative style of each kitchen. The images that accompany this post offer some examples: above, a semi-open classic fireplace in a rustic style; below, a very elegant brick fireplace for a kitchen with a classic air.

As for the inconvenience of odors and ash that can dirty the floor, there are some solutions that work quite well. One of them is to choose fireplaces with glass doors or doors, a resource that does not detract from an iota of beauty and elegance, but at the same time makes the task of maintaining and cleaning the kitchen fireplace a little more comfortable.

The elegance of gas fireplaces

gas fireplace

If our kitchen is modern and minimalist in style, with a predominance of straight and clear lines, it may be more appropriate to opt for a gas fireplace, since these models usually adapt better to this type of space. It is true that they will hardly be able to match the "authenticity" of the wood-fired ones, but the warmth and aesthetics will be assured.

The best thing about gas fireplaces in a kitchen is that its installation is very simple. Although it requires an outlet to the outside to expel the smoke, it is not as copious as that produced by firewood. In this way, it is not necessary to open a big hole, just look for a suitable exit. And, for that very reason, we can place it in any corner of the kitchen (in the central island, in a dividing wall, etc.), something that is not possible with wood-burning fireplaces. This translates into greater decorative freedom.

fireplace at home
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Unlike wood-fired fireplaces, gas fireplaces turn on and off immediately. No waiting. Also, they are much cleaner, since the gas does not generate smoke, odour, or ash. The only precaution that must be taken is to keep the room regularly ventilated. They run on gas, butane or propane and provide heating efficiency close to 80%.

gas fireplace for kitchen

Despite all of the above, the truth is that these fireplaces also have certain drawbacks that must be known. To get started, they are much more expensive (up to 7 times more than a firewood one) and to put them in our kitchen we have to use the services of an authorized installer, since a bad installation can be a real danger.

It is also worth bearing in mind that the fuel consumed by gas fireplaces is more expensive than firewood. It can be natural gas or butane, for example. With current energy prices, this is an issue that should not be overlooked.

One last detail to consider: Gas fireplaces heat up to 20% less than wood-fired fireplaces. and they do so for less time, since when we turn them off they do not generate any residual heat, which is what the classic wood-burning ones do.

Electric fireplaces, an interesting alternative

electric fireplace

Finally, we will mention the electric fireplace models, which are undoubtedly the easiest to install. To make these fireplaces work, it will only be necessary to have a network outlet nearby. Therefore, this is an option to consider if you do not want to do work at home. In electric fireplaces you can also regulate the intensity of heat and, although the flame is not real, there are very realistic imitations, true works of art that will deceive us.

Electric fireplace
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We have an example of this in the image below: almost perfect flames behind glass. You have to get very close to realize that they are not real. Many models (and this also applies to gas fireplaces) enrich this "fire showcase" with round stones, thick flakes that imitate volcanic rocks or imitations of burning logs. All in favor of achieving the sensation of the authentic warmth of home.

But the advantages of a kitchen electric fireplace they go far beyond a simple aesthetic simulation. It certainly generates real heat, enough to heat a standard-sized kitchen. On the other hand, it creates a pleasant atmosphere and they are very clean, since they do not produce ashes or dirty as is the case with wood-burning fireplaces.

electric fireplace

However, this type of fireplace also has some drawbacks. In these times, using them can considerably increase the electricity bill of our homes. It must also be said that many of these fireplaces have the “call only” mode that hardly consumes energy, although that means that it will not heat up our kitchen either.

It should also be noted that these electrical devices do not manage to heat a room or room as much as a traditional fireplace. Its calorific value is much lower. This is an inconvenience that does not usually matter to those who are looking for a fireplace of this type solely for its aesthetic value.

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